Canyon Cooler Review

Every outfitter remains in the search of a cooler which can take the harsh and adverse climatic conditions head-on and can still survive to serve its actual purpose of keeping the beverages or item inside them cold for ideal consumption.

 But when it comes to picking a product which fits the bill, it is a difficult proposition. The towering choices and deafening promises make it difficult to locate the one product which is the answer to all the questions.

 That is why, today, we bring you a product which might be the ‘cooler’ you have been looking for all along.

What Is So Special about Canyon Coolers?

Canyon coolers are the youngest entry into the outfitter cooler market. Started in 2010 in Flagstaff, Arizona, by a few local adventure sports enthusiasts, started the quest to build a product ready to face the challenges of harsh weather conditions.

The brand offers two variants, known as Outfitter Series & Adventure Series to suit the needs of the different segments of the customers. We will dig a little deeper about these two products in the sections below.

The Outfitter Series

Outfitter is the lower cost version of the coolers but they should not be mistaken to be of cheaper and compromised quality. They come with their own set of merits which qualifies them to be put in a race with the existing best in the range of products. 

Special attention has been paid to build it with the best of the material making them robust with a sturdy ice chest. Its outer walls are thinner compared to its higher-end counterpart which contributes to its lighter weight but the customers may have to compromise on the ice life, which is still more than the other products in the same price range.

The Outfitter series comes in wide size varieties to choose from- 25 quarts, 35 quarts, 55 quarts, 75 quarts, and 125 quarts.With more sizes in the medium size, categories facilitate the customers to choose the ideal size for themselves without bearing the hassle of picking up a size too small or too big.

What Canyon Coolers’ Outfitter Series has in store

While talking about the features of the product, they can be fairly divided based on functionalities, opportunity cost, and emotional cost. We will look at each of the features in detail:


As mentioned earlier, the 5 major offerings cover a large variety of needs which might arise for a different set of customers. The spread is beneficial as it does not limit the customers to small, medium & large sizes and does not burden or deprive them of their suitable requirements. The size variants are 25, 35, 55, 75, and 125 quarts.

Locking Mechanism

The Outfitter coolers come with EZCAM latches, 3 for 25, 35 & 55 quarts and 3 for 75 & 125 quarts. The EZCAM latches are known to improve the squeeze on the lid which elongates the ice retention period.

Outfitter Cooler Material

The coolers are built with the best in the class material to deliver the best result in the price range when compared with others in similar territory. The cooler also comes with HUNKTX foam to enhance the insulation which all the walls, bottom, and lid are covered. There are skid plates, robust handles to support the weight of the cooler, and no-loss drain plug.

Ice Retention

The HUNTX foam coating which is accepted in the industry for its heat insulation qualities is used in the product to ensure the longevity of the ice. However, the ice life promised is still higher than what it offers. The evaluation is done based on a perfect scenario far from real. Yet, the buyers can expect better performance. Potential buyers would also like to note that the ice life may differ based on the severity of the weather conditions.

Ease of Mobility

Given the range of sizes, the smaller ones can fit into the back space of your pickup truck. They are also convenient to carry for short distances. Whereas, the higher the capacity, the more difficult it would be to move them from one place to another. But because of its thinner walls, it should be easier to carry than other coolers.

Is It Pleasing To The Eyes?

Well, being the younger brother of the Adventure Series (which we will look at next), it lacks the good looks and assumes a more modest outlook. They are available in two colors, White Marble & Sandstone.


The Outfitter series still falls under the umbrella of premium coolers owing to the price at which it is available. But I would still call it cheaper when compared with the other brands which are running the same race. The reduction in ice life and use of lighter insulation material has made it more affordable.

The Adventure Series

The premium line of cooler offering from Canyon coolers steals the spotlight with its various designs.They are also gaining popularity for possessing all the qualities which are looked forward in any premium cooler. From modern engineering which equipped it with the ability to tackle the severest of climate to thickest insulation to ensure you always get the perfect ice, to robust handles to support its weight.

What Canyon Coolers’ Adventure Series has in store:

Adventure Series is much talked about for its material and performance in extreme conditions. Let’s delve a little deeper into the quest of understanding its features a little better.


Adventure comes in 4-different choices namely Scout 22, Mule 30, Prospector 103 and 222 Long (numbers in the name representing the size in quarts). Each of them comes in different designs breaking the monotony of the similar shape models.

Material Used

As the product range is quite varied the material used in each of them is also different. Let’s look at them-

Scout 22: Being the smallest and cheapest of the lot, the insulation walls, though being of HUNTX foam (which is better than any cooler on any day) are thinner. They have roto-molded construction helping maintain consistent wall thickness and an ability to create thick corners which prevent damages in cases on accidental fall.

Mule 30 & Protector 103: Even though the size difference is vast, one can still notice the indications of belonging to the same family by looking at the design. The first thing the buyer would notice is the addition of wheels in both these and plus one models. These wheels make the mobility of the coolers easy. The Mule 30 comes along with a Nylon carrying strap which enables the user to carry them around on their shoulder. Whereas the Protector 103 offers rope handle and molded lips for added easy mobility. Both the models boast of the HUNTX foam insulation for longer ice retention and latches 2 and 3 for Mule 30 and Protector 103, respectively.

222 Long: The biggest brother of the series is loaded with features too. Built keeping in mind the people working or exposed to the extreme environmental conditions, this huge cooler lives up to its expectations. Loaded with the Huntsman High-Density PU foam insulation in place of the regular HUNTX foam, effective ice chest, 4 EZCAM latches, internal dividers, marine-grade hinges, and two drain plugs holds a promise of exceptional ice life. Along with the respective features, all adventure series coolers come with an anti-skid base, food-grade gasket, and anti-leak lids.

Ice Retention

The ice retention varies from model to model. The smallest, Scout 22 offers ice retention of 40-50 hours whereas other bigger models Rule 30 and Protector 103 offers the ice life of 100 hours and 160 to 200 hours. The best and biggest in the range, 222 Long, offers 240 to 360 hours of ice retention. Enter your text here...

Ease of Mobility

Though the walls of the coolers of this series are thicker than the Outfitters, the weight is not heavy. The added accouterments to facilitate the movement such as Nylon strap for smaller models and regular rope handles for bigger variants are also in place. The wheels in Mule 30 are an added charm. Overall, mobility is not a problem with this set of coolers.

Is It Pleasing To The Eyes?     

The functional features assume a higher position than the aesthetic features in this series. As in the Outfitter series, the coolers in the Adventure series also come in two colors. One difference which this range sports, is the availability of customized images, logos, etc.


Given the number of features the Adventure series has to offer, the cost is on the decent side. It is cheaper than the other premium cooler brands. Due to its wide range of advantages, it would be a good choice for people who value quality and something which lasts long.That then is the canyon coolers review and you have a comprehensive comparison between the two series- outfitter and adventure. You may choose either, depending on your preference!

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