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Otterbox Cooler Review

Otterbox Cooler Review

What’s the common denominator between waterproof cell phone cases and outdoor coolers? Well, OtterBox makes both and their products are awesome. If you’ve not been in the cooler game long enough, the only cooler that would come to your mind is the Invincible, expensive Yeti, the one that gets rave reviews all around. Hey! Hold on though! You haven’t got round to seeing the  OtterBox Venture Coolers- the tough guy that can hold its own against the Yetis and Orcas when it comes to price, durability, and ice-retention.

OtterBox has it....

There are coolers and coolers- shopping aisles are full of and you’re dazed at the daunting choice you have to make. OtterBox comes in different sizes and has all its boxes ticked when it comes to durability, utility, portability, ice-retention- it’s tough as they come. What more do you want- a cooler that can weather storms, a cooler that keeps its contents cool for a long time and takes all the bashings it gets, unfazed. If you’re still not convinced, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the OtterBox and its Venture coolers.

Size and capacity:

First things first- it’s a cooler that’s made in the United States- a point that will make those buyers that want to support American products, happy. The venture comes in three colors and three sizes, 25 qt, 45 qt, and 65 qt. What’s great about the Venture series is ‘what you see is what you get’. Unlike many other coolers, all Venture coolers are true to their respective quart capacity.


The weight of a cooler is because they are filled with ice. So long as the frozen state lasts, the cooler will be heavy to pick up and carry. That’s why the cooler has to be transported by boat or a vehicle. In stark contrast- OtterBox Venture 65, the company’s biggest cooler, can be carried. The Venture 65 weighs 32.95 pounds, Venture 45- 26.37 pounds and the smallest cooler- Venture 25, weighs 16.79 pounds. In case you don’t want to lug it along, seat it on the roller cart and drag your Venture cooler around more. You need never worry about hills and trails- the all-terrain wheels makes it easy to transport.

Ice Retention

Nothing is more annoying than a warm beer or soda- OtterBox ensures that food and drinks stay cold and fresh for a long time- for 10-16 days (depending on which version you buy). That’s great news for those taking a two-week outdoor break from the humdrum routine of every day. Tests showed that even when exposed to 100 degrees F in summer, the ice held out pretty well for, after a couple of days, there was still a lot of ice left.

Let’s see what contributes to this remarkable ice-retention period- The interior and exterior of the OtterBox cooler consist of polypropylene shells and besides being a superior insulator, the shells are well known for their anti-rusting properties. In addition, the two-part polyurethane also contributes to superior insulation and ensures cold air in the ice-chest. The two-inch refrigeration grade insulation foam contributed to keeping ice frozen for a couple of weeks. A silicon seal seals the ice in while the tightly sealed lid keeps the temperature low and food fresh inside the coolers. The latches made from silicone keeps the cold air in. Polycarbonate and Let’s see what contributes to this remarkable ice-retention period- The interior and exterior of the OtterBox cooler consist of polypropylene shells and besides being a superior insulator, the shells are well known for their anti-rusting properties. In addition, the two-part polyurethane also contributes to superior insulation and ensures cold air in the ice-chest. The two-inch refrigeration grade insulation foam contributed to keeping ice frozen for a couple of weeks. A silicon seal seals the ice in while the tightly sealed lid keeps the temperature low and food fresh inside the coolers. The latches made from silicone keeps the cold air in. Polycarbonate and

Design and Construction

OtterBox coolers are not roto-molded but injection molded. The company has carried over its injection molding expertise it acquired in dry-boxes and cases to its coolers. That’s why these coolers are tougher, stronger and guarantee a longer life than the other coolers. The insulation is also the best- After all the heart of a cooler is the ice-chest and OtterBox has made this its focal point. Including air-tight latches ensures that the contents of the ice-chest remain contained in their allotted spaces. The add-on latch cover and lock ensures that the cooler is bear-resistant.

Additional Accessories

The nesting grooves within the ice-chest enables users to customize the cooler according to their needs by adding dry boxes, cutting boards, cup-holders, and other additional features. It’s a very flexible little cooler. The dry storage tray allows users to keep contents dry and cold. For instance, if you want to keep vegetables firm and fresh, then this tray is ideal to do so. The separator does just what it says- you can store condiments on one side and ice and drinks on the other. Thus food and drink can be separated. By being able to create partitions in the cooler, you can organize things within the ice-chest and by using the three slots provided, you can optimize storage. We can now store all those extra snacks you stuffed into your pockets within with no hassle.

What is also included, is the ubiquitous and rugged bottle opener that all of us seem to want but never seem to have. With the OtterBox cooler, you never have to be at a loss again when you want to open that beer bottle of yours.To hold miscellaneous items such as your keys, wallet, knife, matches or other tools, there is a waterproof box that can attach to the exterior of the cooler. Cup-holders are also on the cards to hold drinks and prevent spilling. Use the side table for various things- play cards, use it to cut veggies and also eating. This table sits over the side handles and is an ingenious addition.Integrated handles

While rope handles are sometimes affixed to coolers to port it around, OtterBox provides the more comfortable integrated handles that make it easier to handle and carry around. With its anti-skid rubber feet, the cooler stays where you left it without sliding and turning around. Even a downpour will not make a difference. The OtterBox Venture series is stubborn as they come. The bottom of the interior is sloping and hence extra water can drain away through the drain plug at the end of each day. A modular mounting system makes it easy to include all these accessories which you intend to add to your cooler. You don’t have to fit them in your pockets or carry them in an extra bag.While Venture 25 comes with a free cup holder, Venture 45 and 65 comes with a cup holder and a dry storage tray.

Multipurpose cooler

Coming in different sizes, the OtterBox Venture coolers can be used in a versatile way. This solid and tough looking cooler comes in handy sizes- the small one is useful when you’re holding small lunches, small parties while the big sizes can store game when you’re fishing. It’s so ideal and reliable it can be used a birthday celebration or during a soccer game and also on other occasions. It’s a great cooler to have around and promises to give everyone- be it sports lovers, hunters or ordinary users the best performance.The Venture 25 cooler can be considered to be a personal cooler that comes along with you wherever you go. As it weighs only 17 pounds, it’s a great cooler for outdoor enthusiasts that either want to go alone or with a couple of friends.Venture 45 qt gives you more storage capacity and allows you to carry snacks and food for over two people for several days.Weighing about 33 pounds, Venture 65 allows you to take a long vacation or a longer camping trip.


The OtterBox scores high on affordability when compared to the other coolers of the same size. Even after paying for all the features and accessories, its price is well below that of the other high-end coolers. You can have your fun without it pinching your pocket.

OtterBox soft-sided coolers

Apart from the hard-sided Venture coolers, OtterBox also is noted for its soft-sided options available in Trooper 20 and 30 quarts. These coolers don’t have the same ice-retention capabilities of its harder counterparts but they are portable. These OtterBox coolers don’t use a zip like the Yeti Hopper does but closes with a latch. This enables the coolers to have wider openings at the top and this makes it easy to see what is inside so you can pull out whatever you want. Those used to a zipper system may feel it strange to close the cooler with a latch but on constant usage, they get used to it.The OtterBox Trooper comes with two accessories- a dry box to protect contents against elements and a bottle opener that’s a very handy implement to have around. A large zippered pouch is useful to prevent your snacks and treats from mixing with ice, to store your phone and wallet. This is not waterproof but just water resistant- so be careful when you transport the cooler over water.

That the Trooper may be worn and carried as a backpack is a huge advantage. Although at first sight, it looks rather awkward to carry that way, once you put it on to your pack and adjust the straps, it feels comfortable. As the straps are padded, they don’t hurt the shoulders. The best part is that your back feels cool because of the ice within and it’s a great way to transport it.Talking about the heart of the cooler- its ice-chest- it was found that the cooler kept ice for 3 or more days. In temperatures ranging from 40 to 70 degrees F, it was found that ice stayed that way till the 5th day. This might change with the outside temperature, but 3 days is a good bet for ice to remain frozen!

OtterBox lightweight coolers are rugged, sturdy and versatile and have two options for carrying and is equipped with 2 mounts to which accessories can be attached. The Trooper is leak-proof, has duraflex tie-downs and adapts to the outing you are looking for- that’s why it’s perfect for fishing, road trips, sports, picnics, and short outings.

The Trooper has a nylon exterior that’s coated and is water and puncture resistant. It has a heavy-duty base ensuring the cooler doesn’t suffer from abrasion. It’s a regular veteran when it comes to functionality and offers different carrying options- backpack and across one shoulder.Warranty

The Venture cooler is a good and reliable cooler to have as is the Trooper. There is a limited lifetime warranty on all its coolers that covers manufacturing issues that may arise.OtterBox coolers – hard-sided or soft-sided are functional and together they cater to all the needs that the outdoor people look for. As they come in different sizes and accessories can be attached to them, you can just about customize them however you want. This freedom to do almost anything to your cooler is about the coolest thing that can happen.You need never worry about your picnic or camping trip going awry, not when you have an OtterBox cooler with you. Enjoy your trip and your cooler too- it will keep you cool and allow you to have a cool time. Venture or Trooper- both are veterans to the core.

Canyon Coolers Review

Canyon Cooler Review

Every outfitter remains in the search of a cooler which can take the harsh and adverse climatic conditions head-on and can still survive to serve its actual purpose of keeping the beverages or item inside them cold for ideal consumption.

 But when it comes to picking a product which fits the bill, it is a difficult proposition. The towering choices and deafening promises make it difficult to locate the one product which is the answer to all the questions.

 That is why, today, we bring you a product which might be the ‘cooler’ you have been looking for all along.

What Is So Special about Canyon Coolers?

Canyon coolers are the youngest entry into the outfitter cooler market. Started in 2010 in Flagstaff, Arizona, by a few local adventure sports enthusiasts, started the quest to build a product ready to face the challenges of harsh weather conditions.

The brand offers two variants, known as Outfitter Series & Adventure Series to suit the needs of the different segments of the customers. We will dig a little deeper about these two products in the sections below.

The Outfitter Series

Outfitter is the lower cost version of the coolers but they should not be mistaken to be of cheaper and compromised quality. They come with their own set of merits which qualifies them to be put in a race with the existing best in the range of products. 

Special attention has been paid to build it with the best of the material making them robust with a sturdy ice chest. Its outer walls are thinner compared to its higher-end counterpart which contributes to its lighter weight but the customers may have to compromise on the ice life, which is still more than the other products in the same price range.

The Outfitter series comes in wide size varieties to choose from- 25 quarts, 35 quarts, 55 quarts, 75 quarts, and 125 quarts.With more sizes in the medium size, categories facilitate the customers to choose the ideal size for themselves without bearing the hassle of picking up a size too small or too big.

What Canyon Coolers’ Outfitter Series has in store

While talking about the features of the product, they can be fairly divided based on functionalities, opportunity cost, and emotional cost. We will look at each of the features in detail:


As mentioned earlier, the 5 major offerings cover a large variety of needs which might arise for a different set of customers. The spread is beneficial as it does not limit the customers to small, medium & large sizes and does not burden or deprive them of their suitable requirements. The size variants are 25, 35, 55, 75, and 125 quarts.

Locking Mechanism

The Outfitter coolers come with EZCAM latches, 3 for 25, 35 & 55 quarts and 3 for 75 & 125 quarts. The EZCAM latches are known to improve the squeeze on the lid which elongates the ice retention period.

Outfitter Cooler Material

The coolers are built with the best in the class material to deliver the best result in the price range when compared with others in similar territory. The cooler also comes with HUNKTX foam to enhance the insulation which all the walls, bottom, and lid are covered. There are skid plates, robust handles to support the weight of the cooler, and no-loss drain plug.

Ice Retention

The HUNTX foam coating which is accepted in the industry for its heat insulation qualities is used in the product to ensure the longevity of the ice. However, the ice life promised is still higher than what it offers. The evaluation is done based on a perfect scenario far from real. Yet, the buyers can expect better performance. Potential buyers would also like to note that the ice life may differ based on the severity of the weather conditions.

Ease of Mobility

Given the range of sizes, the smaller ones can fit into the back space of your pickup truck. They are also convenient to carry for short distances. Whereas, the higher the capacity, the more difficult it would be to move them from one place to another. But because of its thinner walls, it should be easier to carry than other coolers.

Is It Pleasing To The Eyes?

Well, being the younger brother of the Adventure Series (which we will look at next), it lacks the good looks and assumes a more modest outlook. They are available in two colors, White Marble & Sandstone.


The Outfitter series still falls under the umbrella of premium coolers owing to the price at which it is available. But I would still call it cheaper when compared with the other brands which are running the same race. The reduction in ice life and use of lighter insulation material has made it more affordable.

The Adventure Series

The premium line of cooler offering from Canyon coolers steals the spotlight with its various designs.They are also gaining popularity for possessing all the qualities which are looked forward in any premium cooler. From modern engineering which equipped it with the ability to tackle the severest of climate to thickest insulation to ensure you always get the perfect ice, to robust handles to support its weight.

What Canyon Coolers’ Adventure Series has in store:

Adventure Series is much talked about for its material and performance in extreme conditions. Let’s delve a little deeper into the quest of understanding its features a little better.


Adventure comes in 4-different choices namely Scout 22, Mule 30, Prospector 103 and 222 Long (numbers in the name representing the size in quarts). Each of them comes in different designs breaking the monotony of the similar shape models.

Material Used

As the product range is quite varied the material used in each of them is also different. Let’s look at them-

Scout 22: Being the smallest and cheapest of the lot, the insulation walls, though being of HUNTX foam (which is better than any cooler on any day) are thinner. They have roto-molded construction helping maintain consistent wall thickness and an ability to create thick corners which prevent damages in cases on accidental fall.

Mule 30 & Protector 103: Even though the size difference is vast, one can still notice the indications of belonging to the same family by looking at the design. The first thing the buyer would notice is the addition of wheels in both these and plus one models. These wheels make the mobility of the coolers easy. The Mule 30 comes along with a Nylon carrying strap which enables the user to carry them around on their shoulder. Whereas the Protector 103 offers rope handle and molded lips for added easy mobility. Both the models boast of the HUNTX foam insulation for longer ice retention and latches 2 and 3 for Mule 30 and Protector 103, respectively.

222 Long: The biggest brother of the series is loaded with features too. Built keeping in mind the people working or exposed to the extreme environmental conditions, this huge cooler lives up to its expectations. Loaded with the Huntsman High-Density PU foam insulation in place of the regular HUNTX foam, effective ice chest, 4 EZCAM latches, internal dividers, marine-grade hinges, and two drain plugs holds a promise of exceptional ice life. Along with the respective features, all adventure series coolers come with an anti-skid base, food-grade gasket, and anti-leak lids.

Ice Retention

The ice retention varies from model to model. The smallest, Scout 22 offers ice retention of 40-50 hours whereas other bigger models Rule 30 and Protector 103 offers the ice life of 100 hours and 160 to 200 hours. The best and biggest in the range, 222 Long, offers 240 to 360 hours of ice retention. Enter your text here...

Ease of Mobility

Though the walls of the coolers of this series are thicker than the Outfitters, the weight is not heavy. The added accouterments to facilitate the movement such as Nylon strap for smaller models and regular rope handles for bigger variants are also in place. The wheels in Mule 30 are an added charm. Overall, mobility is not a problem with this set of coolers.

Is It Pleasing To The Eyes?     

The functional features assume a higher position than the aesthetic features in this series. As in the Outfitter series, the coolers in the Adventure series also come in two colors. One difference which this range sports, is the availability of customized images, logos, etc.


Given the number of features the Adventure series has to offer, the cost is on the decent side. It is cheaper than the other premium cooler brands. Due to its wide range of advantages, it would be a good choice for people who value quality and something which lasts long.That then is the canyon coolers review and you have a comprehensive comparison between the two series- outfitter and adventure. You may choose either, depending on your preference!

The Yeti Alternatives

The Yeti Alternative

There’s no getting away from the fact that YETI is high-end, a reputed brand you will love to own. It’s a cooler that boasts of great capacity, superior ice-retention, strong enough to weather the toughest of conditions and suffer an onslaught at your hands without being unnerved. But, (there’s always one, isn’t there?) there are coolers that compare favorably with YETI in terms of capacity, durability, insulation, quality, and performance. A look at a few YETI-like coolers will iron out those creases of disappointment at not owning the most favored cooler in recent times.

Coolers that stand up to YETI

There are coolers in the market that challenge the market leader with an aplomb that is reassuring. Many competing brands have attempted to up performance and design to nudge past the YETI and give you features you want. Also, these are less expensive than a YETI cooler and worthy of consideration

1. Igloo Yukon Cold Locker

A cooler that’s great in terms of price and ice and yet similar to the YETI Tundra. The Yukon cooler is ahead of the YETI in the ‘alternative game’ and offers many features that the Yeti has and some that it doesn’t! It is an interesting option that lovers of the outdoors will appreciate. Yukon coolers have not disappointed users, who place a great onus on quality and performance.

The dual locking lid keeps food and drinks secure and cool. Coupled with Yukon’s Cool Riser Technology, cooling performance is maximized and the contents of the cooler remain as fresh as ever. Also, the UV inhibitors ensure that the sun doesn’t play havoc. The cooler’s design and thickness is responsible for superior ice-retention. The body of the cooler has 2-inch thick polyurethane insulation and the lid 3-inches of polyurethane insulation. It’s not surprising then that the Yukon cooler can keep ice for periods ranging from a week to two weeks in 90 degrees Fahrenheit. That translates into a vacation that can last just as long.

These coolers are tough, can withstand the rigors of harsh environments, travel through rough terrain and stand up to tough beatings- the hauling and dragging that coolers are generally subjected to. Durability then is not a factor that will cause concern. Also, with a tethered drain plug, cleaning and draining the cooler is easy.

It scores over the YETI in that the Yukon coolers have a fish keeping scale that helps fishing enthusiasts to weigh their catch and a measuring tool on the lid that helps to record the size of the fish. In addition, the lids’ elevated textured surface is ideal for filleting or preparing food. If you’re prepared to ignore the status symbol that YETI has and focus on cost and performance, the Yukon Cold Locker is a great Yeti alternative.

2. RTIC Coolers

Cooler fans will recognize the name- YETI’s biggest competitor in terms of sales. They have lived up to their slogan “Half the price… Holds more ice.” There’s no doubt that these coolers are successful in attracting crowds that shy away from YETI’s atrocious prices

RTIC coolers hold more ice than its arch rival’s coolers and cost 50 percent less in the bargain. Also, they come in different sizes-20, 45, and 60 quarts, make them still more attractive.A hitch in the form of a design issue with YETI means that there has been a temporary setback. RTIC has been involved in a legal tangle over its design, settled a lawsuit with YETI and has had to stop production of its earlier models. But, RTIC is still ticking- it has changed the original design a little but kept the heavy duty latches, non-skid feet, bear resistance and the 3” insulated walls. Get hold of the new RTIC coolers- they’re likely to sell like hotcakes and is a true Yeti alternative.

3. ORCA Coolers

ORCA (Outdoor Recreation Company of America) coolers give YETI’s roto-molded coolers a run for their money. ORCA holds its own well when it comes to ice-retention and beats its counterparts hands down. These coolers perform much better than even YETI coolers and even after 5 days, the ice is not drained. Even in the middle of peak summer (when temperatures hit 100 plus), ORCA 58 defeated its rivals by keeping ice when all the other coolers ran out.Available in a variety of sizes- 20 quarts to 140 quarts and a horde of colors, they stand apart from the rest. If you’re keen on collegiate patterns and color schemes, then ORCA is for you. These coolers are as rugged and sturdy as they come- almost indestructible and able to hold up against nature’s onslaughts and extreme weather conditions. They come with a lifetime guarantee and are stated to be bear proof too. And while ORCA coolers are made in the USA, the bulk of Yeti coolers are made overseas- Philippines, China while some are made in the USA

4. Grizzly Cooler

With that kind of name, it’s obvious that Grizzly is bear proof and all of them come with the IGBC Bear resistance rating. They have been around for some time, but they became popular only when the YETI craze took off in a big way.The EPA- friendly polyurethane foam is not heavy but still affords great insulation. As the lid and entire shell have this foam, your food and drinks are protected more than adequately against the elements. With molded hinges that use stainless steel pins and user-friendly mold-in brass inserts for its latches, the Grizzly cooler lasts longer and performs better. Extra accessories such as jumbo molded handles alongside flexible rope handles offer a good grip. The large drain speeds up drainage- in fact, the Grizzly cooler seems to have thought of everything.Well known for their hard-sided coolers, Grizzly coolers use rotationally molded plastic- that means there’s just a single, seamless piece of plastic used during manufacturing. The thick rubber gasket seals the cold in. All this eliminates weak points and potential leak paths through which cold air can escape. The coolers come in rather stylish and eye-catching colors and the variety of size options give them an edge over their main rivals.With an ice chest that professes to be indestructible, a lifetime guarantee and a price that’s affordable and attractive, Grizzly coolers have a big following of outdoor enthusiasts.

5. ENGEL Cooler

The Engel cooler with the IGBC Bear Resistant Certification is just as good as a Yeti. It mimics the latter when it comes to offering UV resistance, appearance, and longer-lasting color. Its marine grade latches compare well with Yeti’s T-Rex lid latches auguring for an air-tight fit. The ice containers have 2” of insulation and the coolers themselves have a silicone gasket that minimizes the loss of cold air with the passage of time. Engel Coolers’ indestructible coolers are available in varied colors and sizes ranging from 13-quart and above. They offer an ice-retention period which is longer than that offered by a Yeti cooler and are cheaper too. These coolers can withstand the rough and tough that hikers and trekkers subject them to and remain loyal to their owners by keeping drinks and food fresh and cold. It comes with a 10-year warranty too.

6. Palm Coolers

Maybe you haven’t heard of them- you’re forgiven as they are not as popular as the top 5. These coolers have received rave reviews and they toe the RTIC line when it comes to price. They are stated to be about 50 percent less expensive than the biggies. Palm Coolers have 3” thick high-density foam for insulation (a little more than some others) and promises to keep ice for a week (though 5 days may be more realistic). Available in five sizes and three different colors, all of them are equipped with stainless steel hardware, a single piece hinge system, one-piece molded padlock for safe storage, a great gasket and strong rope handles. These coolers are amazing as far as durability and portability go. They stand up well to challenges and extreme weather conditions and strap well to moving vehicles. They come with a bottle opener, non-slip pads, a Palm Koozie and other accessories. With a 10 year warranty on its hard-sided coolers, this small time brand with its low profile is a great YETI alternative.

7. nICE Cooler

If you’re not looking at the top brand, then this one is to own. Side by side, the YETI, and nICE models look pretty much similar. They are not only affordable but reliable too with the double-walled insulation, negative pressure seal gasket, and a pressure-relief button to break the seal when the cooler has been closed for a long time. An integrated lockable lid with T-locks and reinforced hinges together ensure a tight close.These coolers are bear resistant have sturdy carrying handles with soft rubber grips for easy mobility. They are available in 3 sizes (20 quarts, 45 quarts, and 75 quarts) and five colors that are very pleasing. They come with built-in bottle openers and besides a built-in measuring ruler, the lid has built-in cup holders too. Anti-skid pads at the bottom ensure that the cooler remains in place even on wet surfaces.

8. Orion Coolers

These don’t need any validation and this top brand wallows in style, durability, and performance. They are pricey but you can crow over their ice retention abilities. In 6 sizes and a variety of colors, all of them are provided with four aluminum bottle openers and six tie-down points. This handsome cooler is bear resistant and can be locked tightly. A huge plus point is that the latches sit flush to the front making it easy to push the cooler into tight spaces. The cooler comes with a 5-year warranty, although the hinges have a lifetime warranty.Though none of these are YETIs, they are just as good- find one that works for you and you’ll forget the YETI.

Holidays are fun and they bring with it the whiff of the outdoors, the breath of the sea and the views of white beaches, sand, and surf. So, what makes an outing a success? Good company is a big part of it but so is the food and drink. That’s the cue for coolers- without them, your drinks and food will not be heaven. Chances are you will want to go in for the best cooler, but a look at the price could be a dampener. Whoa! Hold it though- it’s not the end of the world- you can always settle for an alternative that’s just as good. Does it matter if you can’t own the much-coveted YETI?  

ORCA 40 Quart Cooler Review

ORCA 40 Quart Cooler Review

Ice chests or coolers are an essential part of a picnic, road trip or camping vacation. Their job is to keep our drinks and food cold as well as fresh. There is no better feeling than sipping a cold drink on a hot summer day and an Ice cooler helps you do exactly that. No matter how hot it is, your little heaven of ice is always available to provide you with ice cold water, drinks and fresh food.

Ice coolers come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They vary in terms of features, brands, warranty etc., and it sometimes gets difficult to choose the right one. Although the market is brimming with ice-coolers leaving you spoilt for choice, there is always an ice-cooler available which meets your requirements and budget.

The brand ORCA has launched various ice-coolers of different sizes and is emerging as the market leader in Ice-coolers leaving behind the veteran YETI. ORCA coolers have great features bundled with high performance and a reasonable market price. We took a closer look at this ORCA 40 Quart Cooler and provide below a comprehensive analysis to help you make an informed decision.

About the brand

ORCA stands for Outdoor Recreation Company of America and was established in 2012 by a team of outdoor enthusiasts. The company produces high-quality rotomolded coolers of different sizes and functionality which promise high performance for the ORCA 40 of the product.
ORCA coolers are emerging as the most recommended and bought cooler in the market. In fact, as per a few studies, the ORCA coolers feature in the Top-5 rotomolded cooler category.
The company also dabbles in drinkware, and apparel along with manufacturing the world’s best coolers.

About the Product - ORCA 40 Quart Cooler

The ORCA 40 Quart Cooler is one of the top rotomolded coolers in the premium segment currently. ORCA coolers offer up to 10 days of ice retention capacity with their high-quality insulation and are extremely durable. The coolers come with a limited ORCA 40 warranty and it’s almost never used owing to the coolers brilliant performance. When going to buy a cooler, we look at its insulation capacity, durability, features and price. The ORCA 40 Quart cooler ticks all the boxes and emerges as the clear winner taking the crown away from the legendary YETI coolers.

ORCA 40 Quart Cooler Review and Features


The ORCA 40 cooler is constructed using Polyethylene which makes it durable combined with the rotomolding technology used to make the best ice-coolers in the market. The rotomolding technology pours insulation liquid between the walls of the plastic cooler while rotating it at a particular speed. This ensures that the insulation gets evenly distributed throughout the cooler including the corners and joints.

The ORCA 40 cooler also has an in-built riveted pin system which ensures the hinges are stable and do not break or crack under pressure. The ORCA cooler can be safely transported in trucks, car trunks etc. and do not bend because of constant bouncing. The coolers have also been certified by the International Grizzly Bear Committee which states that the ORCA coolers are Grizzly Bear Attack proof. Now the ORCA 40 Quart cooler can safely accompany you on a camping or fishing trip without worrying about breakages or bear attacks.

Ice Retention Capacity

The ORCA 40 Quart cooler promises 7-10 days of ice-retention capacity and has been tested for the same as well with flying results. ORCA coolers match any premium segment cooler in terms of its insulation. Its rotomolded insulation coupled with thick rubber gasket and wish tail latches ensure that the cold air remains inside the cooler, thus increasing its ice-retention capacity. The cooler can easily last on a week-long trip with no ice-refill.

The ORCA cooler boasts of a thick insulation wall as compared to other coolers in the same segment and thus wins the ice retention challenge hands down. The coolers are also compatible with dry ice which is great for carrying on fishing expeditions and help keep the catch fresh! The Ice retention capacity of the cooler is slightly affected by the weather and in peak summers, the ice might get kept for only 6-7 days instead of 10 days. The cooler also needs to be prepped before taking on a trip to ensure longer ice retention.

Weight and Accessibility

The ORCA 40 Quart cooler weighs around 24lbs when empty and has a storage capacity of 40 Quarts. The ORCA cooler can store 20-24 cans which is good for a 2-3 day trip. The cooler is easy to move around with the help of its sturdy nylon rope handles which come with rubber grips. The cooler also has a mesh bag attached at the back to hold dry items along with dividers/trays which help organize the items in the cooler.

The whale tail latches on the cooler ensure the lid remains sealed keeping all the cold inside. Although the latches are secure, they are easy to operate. As per few customer reviews, it has been noted that the lid of the cooler, when kept opened and without any support, tends to snap shut. This can be irritating when you are taking out several items from the cooler. Barring this, the ORCA 40 Quart cooler delivers on all its performance goals.

Useful Accessories and Features 

The ORCA 40 Quart cooler does not have many out-of-the-world features but promises comfort and usability. It provides the “Orca Gear Molle System” which is a camouflage wrap around the ice-cooler but has the space to store a cell phone, a first aid kit, a flashlight, a pistol holder, Quad mug holder, etc. This comes in very handy while on a trip, camping or fishing. No other cooler in the premium segment offers this kind of feature and ORCA again hits a high as compared to its competitors.

In terms of anti-skid feet, ORCA has rubber feet at the bottom but still slips on wet surfaces. To avoid this slippage, it is advised to use an anti-skid sheet with the ORCA Cooler but this is something the ORCA brand can look into revising. The drain nozzle on the ORCA cooler is big enough for faster ice water drainage but leads to leaking and mess while draining. A few of the newer ice coolers are now available with garden hoses which make water drainage into a gardening experience!

The cooler doesn’t have the usual bottle openers or drinking cups as part of its features. Although the ORCA cooler is not high on features, it does its job well and has other unique features which make it stand out against its competition.

Warranty & Price

The ORCA 40 Quart cooler comes with a lifetime limited warranty and shows the company’s commitment towards its product. ORCA coolers rarely get damaged but are still provided with lifetime servicing promise in terms of the warranty. The price of an ORCA cooler is higher than the average rotomolded coolers but is still less than premium coolers like Yeti even though there is not much difference in terms of performance and quality. This makes ORCA an easy choice when it comes to selecting a mid-size cooler with top-notch features but a reasonable price.

Product Variety 

The ORCA 40 Quart cooler might not offer much in terms of fancy features but it offers the choice of color. The cooler comes in close to 8 colors and looks fancy. The ORCA brand has tied up with colleges and varsities to print their logo on the ice-coolers for personalization. As of now, ORCA has 17 collegiate coolers and it’s a big hit with the students. ORCA 40 Cooler is just one of the many varieties of cooler that ORCA has to offer. ORCA also produces varying designs based on size and requirements and has one of the widest range of products on offer.

The ORCA 40 cooler is the best “Ice-Cooler” buy in terms of durability, insulation, features, and warranty. It holds true on all its promises and provides an uninterrupted cold storage facility for its users while on road trips, picnics, camping, etc.

The cooler is priced moderately and even though the price is slightly higher than the other premium brands of coolers, ORCA does justify the high price by providing high performing insulation and durability. The ORCA coolers are not only useful while holidaying, but they are also an important part of lives for people who need to carry cold drinks and fresh fruits as part of their daily jobs like soda salesmen, etc.

The ORCA cooler with its high performance and durability becomes a part of your memories while accompanying you on holidays, camping trips, fishing expeditions, weekend picnics, and family barbeques. If you are looking for a sturdy high-performing mid-size cooler with good features and affordable price then this ORCA 40 Quart Cooler Review answers all your questions!