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Sub V Cooler Review

Sub V Cooler Review

The Last Guide You Will Ever Need

Sub V Cooler Review

If you are fancying a picnic outdoors, or the time seems right to start on that much-planned hike up your favorite mountain range, you would have to think about the right gear to take with you.

One of the most important things to do on a trip outdoors is to stay hydrated. Camping under the hot sun in the desert or hiking across mountainous terrain will drain you of fluids. What better way to replenish your fluids than with a cooler. If you take a cooler along with you, you can enjoy chilled beverages on the go. You can even take along food without worrying about it going bad as it will stay fresh as long as you keep it in the cooler. Fancy some hot dogs, burgers or ready-to-go meals while on your trip? A cooler will help you fulfill those desires.

With that in mind, the next question is which cooler to choose. There are many coolers available on the market. Many people opt for a soft cooler that comes placed inside a carryall if you do not want to lug a hard cooler around. You can go for cheaply constructed coolers with thinner walls if you do not want to shell out for a superior cooler. You can even buy a cooler that comes in a backpack and which you can carry around on as you travel.

But if you are looking for a superior cooler that is cheaper than most other coolers of its standard, and one worth its price, look no further than the Sub Z cooler. Built by the Nash brand, the Sub Z cooler comes in two sizes – 23 and 48 quarts – and incorporates an array of features and accessories.

Convenient sizes

At 23 quarts, the smallest Sub Z cooler packs a punch. It can hold 24 12-ounce cans along with eight pounds of ice to chill them in. The outside of the cooler is 18.5 inches wide, 15.5 inches tall and 12.75 inches deep. The inside of the cooler is 13.75 inches wide, 11.25 inches tall and 8.9 inches deep. When empty, the 23-quart cooler is 15.5 pounds heavy, while the handle is 20 inches wide.

The larger 48-quart Sub Z cooler is 21 inches wide, 12.5 inches tall and 11.25 inches deep inside. The outside of the cooler is 28 inches wide, 16 inches tall and 16 inches deep. When empty, the 48-quart cooler is 24.5 pounds heavy and it can accommodate up to 48 cans with as much ice packed around them as needed.

Both cooler sizes can carry an economical number of cans when compared with their sizes and the competition.

Ice Retention

The Sub Z coolers can store ice for a good amount of time when compared with the competition. The 23-quart cooler has been recorded to keep ice for 3-4 days, which means the 48-quart cooler will keep going for several more days.

Rotationally molded

In order to build a strong cooler, Nash used rotational molding to construct the Sub Z cooler. In this technique, polyethylene is poured into a hollow mold, which is then slowly rotated in an oven to make the polyethylene melt and coat the inside the mold. Through this, Nash created a cooler that is just one piece.

The advantage of having a one-piece, a seamless cooler is that it is very hard and able to stand up to rough handling. This means that no matter what kind of trip you are going on, you need not worry about your Sub Z cooler being able to withstand the climate conditions. Going on a deep sea fishing trip? The Sub Z can take the waves of salt water. Camping in the woods? The Sub Z can take any rain it gets.

Another benefit of having a cooler that is made of one piece is that air has fewer vents through which to escape. Thus cool air will stay within the cooler while warm air from outside will have fewer vents to seep into the cooler. The result is ice that lasts longer!

Made of polyethylene

The Sub Z coolers are made of polyethylene, a thermoplastic polymer that can be molded into high-strength materials. This adds to the durability of the Sub Z cooler. Polyethylene is also resistant to chemicals, which means you can use it transport food items with no worries.

Easy portability

You can opt for your Sub Z cooler to come with wheels so you can transport it across level surfaces. If you are bogged down with a lot of items that you need to carry on your outdoor trip, the fact that you can wheel your cooler behind you and not have to lug it also around is a major plus point. This lifts the Sub Z cooler above most of its competition.

Dry exterior

The Sub Z cooler is built in such a way that the exterior of the cooler is always free of moisture. This ensures the cooler will not slip out of a person’s grasp due to it being wet. It will also not slide away when placed on any surface. This increases its safety value. You can place it on a boat that is rocking around in the sea or in a truck bouncing across the road with no qualms.

Double locking lid

The Sub Z cooler has a double locking lid that ensures the cooler will not open and spill its contents. A double locking lid also ensures wild animals cannot get to the contents of the cooler. In addition, the double locking lid could keep your buddies out of your cooler so you can enjoy those sodas on your own.

Double walls

Nash has designed the Sub Z cooler to have a double-walled interior, with insulation foam packed within these walls. This ensures the outside temperature, which could reach high levels, depending on which part of the country you are adventuring in, does not affect the chilled interior of the cooler. So you could be camping in the desert with your Sub Z cooler under the blazing sun and the ice would not melt within the cooler due to the double-walled exterior.

The Sub Z cooler features up to 2.5 inches of R-Value insulation foam within its walls. This ensures that the chilled air within the cooler remains inside. R-Value is a measure of the resistance to heat flow through a material. The higher the R-Value, the greater the resistance. Therefore the insulation foam used within the walls of the Sub Z cooler has a high thermal performance. Therefore the cooler can keep ice for several days.

Pressure seal

The Sub Z cooler features a glacier rubber gasket between the lid and the rest of the cooler, which creates a strong pressure seal. This ensures that chilled air remains within the cooler. Without this gasket, warm air could seep into the cooler thus compromising the life of the ice within.

Flexible hinge

The Sub Z cooler has a double rear hinge, which is fully enclosed and interlocking. The hinge is integrated into the cooler’s body and features stainless steel pins, which will hold up in the most trying to weather conditions. Also, the hinge ensures the cooler lid tightly locks in when closed.

Rubber latches

The Sub Z cooler has rubber latches used to seal the lid shut once it is closed. The rubber latches ensure the integrity of the pressure seal created by the rubber gasket, thus ensuring the chilled air within the cooler stays inside.

Easy handle

The 23-quart Sub Z cooler features a single stainless steel handle that can lock in place on top or stay folded for better portability. This makes it easier and safer for the person carrying it around. The handle also has rubber in the middle to make the cooler more comfortable to carry around.

The 48-quart Sub Z cooler has rope handles that have been engineered for easier portability and are extremely durable. They also allow for two people to share the load of carrying the cooler.

Drainage plug

The 1-inch drainage plug on the Sub Z cooler allows water from melted ice to drain out even if you twist it open a little bit. This helps ensure ice and other materials do not drain out of the cooler when the plug is opened, which is a useful feature for a cooler to have.

Efficient Drainage

Nash has designed the Sub Z cooler with a V-shaped drainage channel, which helps to ensure water from melted ice is directed away from drinks and food within the cooler. So you do not have to worry about your food and beverages soaking in inches of water while you are busy on your trip.

Light-Weight Design

For all its features, the Sub Z cooler is reputed to be lighter than most other coolers in its class, which makes it handy for outdoor trips. Who would not opt for a cooler that has so many features and is light to boot?

Color Pattern

The Sub Z cooler caters to many people, whether you are of a more serious mindset and prefer regular, ordinary colors such as white and beige, or whether you are of a more playful type and prefer bright colors such as green and orange. However, the cooler sizes differ between colors they are offered in.

Inbuilt Seat

The most striking feature of the Sub Z cooler is the cushioned lid that can double as a seat for you while you are outdoors. This feature is optional, but it can come in handy as it eliminates the need for you to carry an extra chair along on your trip. The seat even comes with a backrest thus making you more comfortable.

Anti-skid design

The Sub Z coolers come with four integrated, rubberized feet on the bottom that are anti-skid. They ensure the cooler stays where it is placed, so even if you are on a fishing trip and you place the cooler down, it will stay in place although the seas may be rough. You could even use the cooler as a platform from which to cast your fishing line because you can trust the anti-skid feet.

Added features

The 48-quart Sub Z cooler offers more features such as wheels, baskets, cutting boards, etc. This adds to the cooler’s appeal and lifts it above its competition. Nash’s Sub Z cooler is attractive enough with its great ice retention capability, its cheap price, its hardy build and its light-weight nature when compared with its competition. But when you consider its other features, such as its inbuilt seat and wheels for portability, these make the Sub Z cooler a must-buy for people who love the outdoors. So if you are planning a trip any time soon and you need a cooler to take along, give the Sub Z cooler a try.

Igloo Sportsman 70

Igloo Sportsman 70

The last Cooler you will ever need!

Igloo Sportsman 70

What’s your first thought when you hear the word Igloo? It reminds you of those blocks of snow that Eskimos convert into a shelter- Well, the Igloo Sportsman 70 is a high-end cooler that (shelters) food and drinks keeping them fresh and cool. Igloo Sportsman comes in 4 models 20, 40, 55 and 70-quart options and the Sportsman 70 is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts- the serious sportsman, hunters, hikers, campers and even tailgaters.

With so many coolers doing the rounds, it’s hard to find one you can really count on. Sportsman 70 appears to be a tough customer and is being bracketed along with the likes of YETI. Surprisingly, on the face of it, the Igloo Sportsman 70 and Yeti coolers appear to be identical- the difference is discernible only if you look closely.

Before looking at the Igloo Sportsman 70, let’s look at what coolers should have.General Features you look for in a cooler durability.

  • Durability-  if you’re going to take your cooler on extended trips, it should be able to weather extreme conditions, make its way through rough terrain, take bumps and falls- so the cooler should have a tough exterior and  be IGBC certified
  • Insulation- A cooler keeps food and drinks cool and fresh- that is why insulation is important. A denser, thicker insulating material (walls and lid) favors good ice-retention
  • Size-Two important factors determine this- the capacity of the cooler and the quantity of food and drinks you want to cool
  • Materials used- Hard-shell coolers use hard and thick materials that help in better insulation
  • Portability- Coolers come with straps, handles, wheels- decide on what works best for you
  • Added features- Locking mechanisms for safety and drain plugs should be simple and effective

How does Sportsman 70 hold up?

Igloo’s Sportsman ice chests are tough and the dimensions of the 70 QT version makes it an easy cooler to carry. An empty cooler weighs just 30 pounds, so any hassles you have will depend on how and to what extent you fill the cooler. A 70-quart cooler is just the right size as it’s easy to lift and move around- it isn’t very big and neither too small. It has a capacity of 66 liters and its dimensions are 33.25″ L x 18″ W x 18.25″ H. However when filled to the brim, it may well weigh a ton.


Igloo never wanted to be left out in the cooler race and upped the ante on its products through its Sportsman cooler series. It used premium quality materials, added more features and went with better construction. Although the prices of these coolers are a little higher than the usual Igloo coolers, the prices remain competitive regarding other coolers.


Igloo’s Sportsman coolers were subjected to an ice test in winter and in summer (when the temp was in the mid 90s F), the results showed that Igloo passed the test honorably. The igloo Sportsman 70 maintains ice for 5 days or more, which is identical to the ice maintenance of the Yeti. Hence, there’s not much to choose between the two on this front. In appearance, both look alike, especially the Sportsman 70 white and Yeti white. Blocks of ice remain intact for many days, but if you open the cooler often, then you may have to replenish the ice cubes to ensure that the food at the top remains fresh and cold. Sportsman 70 users noted that the cooler kept ice for “days on end” and it worked just like a Yeti despite being cheaper. Even after two years of constant use, there appears to be no difference in the performance of the cooler.


The Igloo Sportsman 70 is a big cooler that’s ideal for an outing or while going camping. The heart of this IGBC certified cooler lies in its roto-molded construction- a one-piece design with thick walls. It 1.5 to 2” thick body foam and 2” thick foam in the gasket lid ensures that the ice chest keeps the ice in. The thick roto-molded walls and the strong T-latches keep the cooler tight and secure when it’s shut. Also, the thick rubber used in the latches when stretched to close the cooler, keeps the lid closed tightly. The freezer grade gasket also helps to ensure that the cooler has an airtight fit. A self-stopping integrated lid hinge helps keep the lid open when you are taking out food and drinks from the cooler. Hinge rods and latch pins are made from aluminum, which is rust-resistant. The cover hooks are very secure when they are closed, so you need never worry about things dropping out of the cooler. There is a ruler on the lid of the cooler and a cutting board zone in the interior.

A Rapidflo Drain plug has a gasket that prevents leaks from happening. The huge, stainless steel tethered chain together with the tether screw ensures that the plug can be easily removed and replaced. Sweating is eliminated because of the insulated core. The tether ensures that no ice is unnecessarily lost. The threads ensure that the plug doesn’t come undone when it is in use. This drain plug makes it easy to empty the water. Natural factors like wind or rain don’t have an effect on the roto-molded cooler, which is almost indestructible. UV inhibitors do their job by protecting the exterior from damage because of sunlight. Regardless of whether it is the tan colored sportsman 70 or the white, the insulation is so good that the interior ice it does not affect chest even when the coolers are kept in the sun.

Sturdy model

If you’re tempted to test the actual strength of the cooler, try dropping it and see what happens for yourself. You’ll be surprised to find that the cooler remains unscathed with not even a scratch on it. It’s so strong that you can sit on some models. The Sportsman 70 looks tough and has a high-quality appearance and though it doesn’t have as many additional features as Yeti and Orca do, it holds its own very well amidst the top tier coolers.


Size and weight are factors that will decide how easy or how hard it is to carry the cooler. Another factor that plays a great role while transporting the cooler is the grip you get. Many coolers use rope handles with rubber grips but Sportsman 70 has impressive heavy-duty handles that not only provide a great grip but ensure good stability. The Igloo Sportsman 70 sports robust swing up handles having rubber grips. These handles, which are located at the side of the cooler, fold flat. Using the swing-up handles, a light cooler can be carried by a single person. By ensuring that the side handles stay flat while carrying, the contents of the ice chest remain steady and in position. When the handles fold, they reduce storage space. To look at, the handles don’t appear very strong, if the cooler is fully loaded, but apparently, they are. There have been no issues with them. When the cooler is loaded, it requires two persons to pull the cooler out of the trunk and convey it to where you want. The Sportsman 70 is equipped with non-slip pads at the bottom, but with the cooler being so heavy, there is no chance of it slipping or sliding, when it is full. It is provided with tie-down cords and these do a good job when the cooler is being transported from one place to another.


Molded into the lid is a fish-measuring rule. In addition, the cooler comes with anti-skid feet, which helps keep the cooler in an upright position. Although there are no bottle-openers or internal dividers that some coolers have, you can buy seat cushions and wire-baskets. The baskets are coated with steel to prevent corrosion- thus the water, liquids, and ice in the chest do not corrode the wire baskets. The steel, corrosion resistant coating helps to ensure that the ice, water, and other liquids in cold lockers don’t affect your drinks and food. Its grid pattern has a dual benefit- none of the small items are at risk of falling through the gaps in the basket and its contents remain cool because of the air that’s circulated through the rack.

Igloo has many color options for its coolers but the Sportsman 70 comes in White and Tan while the 20 quart comes in pink and purple granite and 55 quart is available in Realtree Xtra.Warranty

The Sportsman 70 is very sporting- it gives users a five-year warranty from the date of purchase and promises to attend to manufacturing or material defects. Many of the high-end coolers like Yeti and Pelican make the same promise.RTIC and K2 Summit coolers are keeping Igloo’s Sportsman on its toes with their ability to equal it in terms of roto-molded construction, ice-retention, toughness, and indestructibility.Location

Igloo coolers made by Igloo Products Corp, which is in the USA. The American manufacturer not only produces ice chests but also supporting accessories. The company is headquartered in Katy Waller County, Texas, United States.

Final Analysis

The Igloo Sportsman and other coolers were assessed for price, capacity, and ice retention ability, durability, draining rate, warranty and place of manufacture. It was found that it came with an unbeatable price, did an excellent job at keeping things cold and drained water fast. Unlike other top coolers, it didn’t use a single-pin-design but used a two-pin design. Whether you’re taking a day-trip to the beach, having a weekend adventure camping, or an afternoon out, you can count on Igloo to have a cooler or ice chest to fit your every need. They are bound to keep the cold in and keep you cool too!!

Best Cooler for Camping

What are The Best Coolers for Camping?

It’s summer! The time to party, picnic and camp among the trees and under the stars. It’s all done. The fun is about to begin. You’re looking forward to that well deserved cold drink and the fresh sandwiches you had packed in the cooler. You get the shock of your life when you open the cooler and see no ice- only water. Your drink is warm and the sandwiches soggy. Your cooler has let you down- so if you don’t want that to happen to you, get the best cooler for camping.

What to look for in a cooler?

A good cooler is a must when you’re camping so you can enjoy your long trip with no mishaps.

  • 1The cooler must be well insulated, so it keeps the ice and keeps food fresh for long spells
  • 2Your cooler should withstand the ardors of rough terrain, must be portable and be well protected from animals and nosy human beings
  • 3The cooler you choose should be the correct size for your outing
  • 4Do research when you are looking at cooler prices- the most expensive one is not always the best

Let’s look at a few coolers that are up to the mark to be the best cooler for camping

Coolest Cooler

Coolest Cooler

With a name like that, it’s bound to be a great cooler, catering to all your needs. It has cool features that will go down well with campers. It has a Bluetooth outdoor speaker that’s good for hours and hours of music and song. Surprise, it’s fitted with a waterproof USB device charger, LED lighting built-in to the lid and even a built-in blender and a bottle opener with a magnetic cap catcher.

It includes a lithium battery and this powers the blender and the USB charger. We can then use the charger  to charge the Bluetooth speaker.It’s available in three colors- green, blue and classic orange and with 55 quarts of storage space, there’s lots of room for food and drink. It has a removable divider that can serve as a cutting board and also has a tie-down cord. With a full cooler, it’s bound to be a little heavy, but that’s countered with the wheels and the telescopic handle.

It may not be the best camping cooler to keep ice but it’s a smart one and the coolest cooler around. There are lots of optional add-ons that are exciting, but be careful that you don’t go overboard. Dragging the cooler along won’t be easy.


  •  smart technology
  • Easy to roll along even when heavy
  • Added accessories to making camping fun
  • Can listen to music


  • Ice-retention can be better

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler For Camping

Coleman Xtreme Cooler

Coleman lives up to its reputation for outdoor equipment and delivers on all the promises it makes. This 70-quart ice chest can hold almost 100 cans and keep ice for about 5 days in 90 degrees F. Also, it can double up as a seat and can support you provided you don’t weigh over 250 pounds! It’s a great cooler for camping and comes with 4 built-in drink holders. Insulation is free from CFC, HFC and HCFC and hence is environmentally friendly. This helps to reduce carbon emissions. The no-crush handle affords a comfortable grip. The lid has an EZ-clean top that makes for easy cleaning of the surface. It also has a leak-resistant drain that facilitates easy draining.


  • ​Doubles up as a seat
  • Good ice-retention
  • Environmentally friendly insulation
  • Easy to clean


  • There have been a few reports of sweating

Igloo Maxcold Ultra Roller Cooler

Igloo Maxcold Ultra Roller Cooler

Voted as the best camp cooler for transporting, this one is bound to cause a stir amongst campers. It features riser technology so the cooler will have little contact with the ground when it is rolling. The durable wheels are built solid coupled with the telescopic handle at the back of the cooler makes it easy to roll- very much like a suitcase with wheels and a handle. This is one great cooler for those that are always on the go.Maxcold foam insulation offers have 25 percent extra foam and that extra insulation ensures that contents remain as cold as possible. This cooler comes in three sizes- 40, 50 and 60-Quart. Campers found this to their liking because of its ice-retention and easy maneuverability. This fits the best cooler for camping tag.


  • Easy to move and roll- sturdy wheels
  • Extra insulation keeps contents cold


  • Long-term ice retention is suspect

Orca ORCW020 Cooler

Orca ORCW020 Cooler

This cooler is great when you want to camp for a few days and store food and drinks for that period. It has great insulation and can keep ice for a week and if it is packed with food, they can maintain refrigerator temperatures for even a longer period. This is great news for campers and anyone who wants to take extended trips. It is sturdy and durable and has comfortable handles. It is heavy when filled and will require two persons to carry it. Though it is easy to close and has rubber pull-tabs to lock the lid in place, the lid appears to close with a snap even before you know it. It’s stylish, available in several colors and also has some catchy exterior designs.


  • Good ice-retention
  • Great insulation
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Lid falls down and snaps close

Pelican Elite Cooler 70

Pelican Elite Cooler 70

It looks and is a rugged camping cooler and though on the heavy side, it’s one of the easiest coolers to carry because of the unique way in which the handle is designed. Made of molded plastic, the handles are built into the cooler frame and not attached to the exterior. It is easy to carry and is gentle on the hands. It is latched and locked by using a push-button. This ensures that it secures the contents. The tie downs are made from stainless steel hardware and the chances of rusting are nil. A sloped drain helps easy drainage of the water that collects in the chest if all the ice has melted.The cooler can keep ice frozen for over a week and food and drink remains cold and fresh for more than a week. It matches the Yeti Tundra when it comes to ice-retention. The lid gasket isn’t as tight as one would like and splashes water out when the cooler is full.


  • Cooler built for camping
  • Superior ice-retention
  • Easy latching and locking


  • Lid gasket is not tight

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler

Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler

Looking for a cooler you can take on your camping trip? Eschew the hard-sided coolers and opt for the Arctic Zone. The cooler is small and portable because of the comfortable shoulder straps. It comes with a few accessories too. It has a zipper pocket where you can store napkins and cutlery and an interior shelf that isolates your drinks and sandwiches. With a Velcro lid design, it’s easy to close and open. This can be good or bad because when it’s closed, it seals the cold in but if you stuff bottles that head towards the lid; it puts pressure on it and causes a small leak. On the whole, it’s a great cooler to have when you’re camping out for a few days.


  • Light and portable
  • Easy to carry
  • Zipper pocket for accessories


  • Leaks cold air if Velcro designed lid is under pressure

K2 Summit Cooler

K2 Summit Cooler

K2 Summit is a quality cooler that uses K2’s patented “ICE vault” gasket design to keep the ice in the chest. The superior insulation and premium sealing ensure that the ice remains that way for over 6 days. Every K2 cooler uses 3 inches of K2’s premium grade high-density polyurethane foam in between the walls and the lid. Because of the pockets that are created, heat transfer is reduced and the coolers ice-retention capacity increases. The high-density foam adds to the strength and rigidity of the walls. An anti-delaminating grip adds to the life of the cooler.

UV resistant material keeps the heat out and the cooler damage free. A simple rotatable plug helps to drain out all the water. This roto-molded cooler is just made from one-piece with no seams at the sides or bottom. Hence they are durable. The insulating material used has high tensile strength, and this makes it puncture resistant.

What We Like About It

  • Roto molded, one-piece construction
  • High-grade insulation and premium ice-retention
  • Durable

Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler

Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler

All camping enthusiasts are familiar with this one- in fact, Yeti is a recognized brand and its Tundra series are rugged enough for camping and outdoor trips. This one has many features that campers will like. It has a dry goods rack, non-skid feet, rope handles for easy handling. It’s roto-molded, UV resistant and special T-Rex latches make it grizzly proof. Also it uses pressure injected Permafrost insulation, and that helps to resist outside temperatures no matter how hot it is.

You can ensure that your food remains bacteria free and cool. Its ColdLock sealing maintains the cold within and prevents food from warming up. The commercial-grade polyurethane foam used in the walls and lid ensures that your ice stays ice. The freezer-quality gasket that fits along the entire lid prevents hot air entering the cooler and cool air moving out. It’s dry goods rack isolates your snacks and treats from the water in case all the ice should melt. That means campers are assured of fresh food all the time.


  • Sturdy and roto-molded
  • Dry goods rack
  • T-Rex heavy duty rubber latches


  • Pricey
  • heavy when filled to the brim

Orca 40-Quart

Orca 40-Quart

Orca is a good pick for camping outdoors and serious campers love it as it can hold ice for a long time. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is easy to carry. The padded and easy-to-grip handles can be extended, and this makes it easily portable. It has a cargo net attachment at the back and you can store all your miscellaneous items in it.

Storage is just not a problem. Non-Slip, heavy duty pads at the bottom prevent the cooler from slipping and sliding on wet surfaces or on vehicles. Its insulation is superior, and it holds ice well. The lid gasket also provides an extra layer of insulation and keeps the cold in. It’s strong and causes no  worries while being transported.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good insulation and a tight lid gasket
  • Lid gasket provides a reliable seal
  • Made in the united states


  • Mesh pocket at the back is sometimes not easily accessible

Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler 28QT

Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler 28QT

Camping out for a couple of days? Well, this one keeps food fresh for two days in summer and qualifies to be in the list as a best cooler for camping. It uses Cool Riser Technology that contributes to improved cooling performance. It has an insulated lid also helps in ice retention and the infrared technology and UV inhibitors protect the cooler from being damaged by the sun. The triple-snap drain plug facilitates easy draining of melted ice. Also the cooler has a telescopic handle that makes it easier to pull your food-filled cooler. Gear hangers to hold miscellaneous items are a welcome feature. It has self-draining cup holders built into the lid to ensure that your drinks are at hand and secure against spilling. Lockable lid loops ensure maximum security. Most importantly, it is equipped with soft side rally wheels that augur for a smooth ride and easy transport.


  • Superior technology ensures ice retention
  • Gear hangers to hold bags and totes
  • Drain plug for easy drainage
  • Soft wheels for an easy ride


  • Not ideal for camping for a long time

RTIC 45 Qt Cooler

The latest brand of camping coolers in the market is the RTIC 45 Qt Cooler. It looks strong and sturdy and are built so well that’s a very durable cooler. The walls have 3” insulation that keeps the cold well. The roto-molded construction is of equal thickness throughout and it’s more of a portable freezer as it can keep ice in well. Its freezer gasket around the lid ensures that the ice chest remains cold, but in warm surroundings, this may not be so effective. However, the  interlocking hinges only make the cooler better. It v-drain system ensures an easy and complete drainage. Non-skid feet prevent sliding. This cooler can hold 36 cans at a time.


  • High-Performance cooler in normal surroundings
  • Roto-mold construction makes the cooler strong and sturdy
  • Better than many high-end coolers


  • Ideal for short trips only
  • Outside temperatures may affect performance

Grizzly 75 Quart Cooler

Grizzly 75 Quart Cooler

The grizzly 75-quart cooler suggests that it’s great for a family outing and camping. The ice chest has two-inch thick insulating foam and a rubber seal that prevents cold air escaping from the interior. An airtight gasket around the lid further enhances cold retention. It is sturdy and can take beatings in tough terrain. A 3-latch system locks the cooler firmly. A 2” drain and a cap make it easy to drain away water collected in the cooler if the ice melts. Non-skid feet keep it standing upright.


  • Good ice retention
  • has a lifetime warranty


  • No built-in cup holders on the lid

What to watch out for while buying a cooler for camping

●So when you buy a camping cooler- you need to know there are three basic types- one that comes with wheels, ones that come with shoulder straps and others that have handles using which you can lift them

●Watch the weight- you don’t want it to be too heavy

●Size is important- 25 quarts will be enough for a single night for one person (food and drinks), 40 quarts for one person for a full weekend or for two persons for two nights. 70 quarts will be sufficient for a family for the whole weekend or a weeklong trip for a couple.

●Aesthetic appeal matters to some- so choose the colors you like

●Check out the modes if available- some have a cool mode that keeps drinks cool and a warm mode that keeps food warm.With the right sized cooler, your camping trip is sure to be fun. So do your homework before you plunge to get the best cooler for camping!

Orca 20 qt cooler Review

Orca 20 Qt cooler Review

It is summer again and time to indulge that outdoorsy side of you. Whether you are the type that prefers laid back picnics out in the countryside or grueling hikes up rocky mountainsides, refreshing drinks are a priority. What better way to carry your drinks than in a cooler that's packed with ice and ready to carry around?

The best way to keep your drinks cool and your food chilled to last longer, coolers are essential for your adventures outdoors. The question now is which cooler to choose out of the many that are available in the market.

Quality Coolers

The mark of a quality cooler is how long ice lasts in it and the durability of the box itself. Taking these factors into account, the Orca brand of coolers looks to be the best choice to buy. Owner Cliff Walker says Orca coolers are cost-effective, unbreakable and hold ice longer than competitor brands.

If you are looking for a cooler handy to carry around yet does not compromise on how long it preserves ice, the Orca 20 qt cooler is your best bet. Able to carry 20 quarts or 4.16 gallons, the Orca 20 qt cooler can store up to 18 cans or 15 bottles packed in ice, which would be perfect for a small group of people going hunting or a one-day picnic.

The Orca 20 qt cooler is also customizable, which makes it stand out from the competition. Knowing his clients would be outdoor enthusiasts and sports lovers, owner Cliff Walker went a step further and purchased American collegiate licenses so his coolers could come branded with the logo of whichever team the client supports, be it from the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, or the National Football League.

Inside the Orca 20 qt cooler

Orcas  20 qt cooler is a roto-molded cooler with thick walls and a heavy duty gasket between the lid and the basket that creates a pressure seal strong enough to keep cool air in. The cooler comes affixed with a single flexible-grip handle that makes it easy for the person holding it to carry around.

The cooler comes with a cargo mesh net attached behind that can carry additional equipment. You can also purchase an additional, larger mesh net attachment that allows you to carry more equipment such as bottle openers, phones, flashlights. The Orca 20 qt cooler will ensure we meet all your needs with just one cooler, making it handy and efficient to have around during an outdoor trip.

But what stands out about the Orca 20 qt cooler is the myriad colors and styles I can deck it out in. Whether you want a solid color, the logo of your favorite team on the cooler, or perhaps a camouflage pattern, this cooler has you covered.
Here are the features of the Orca 20 qt cooler

Useful capacity

The Orca 20 qt cooler can hold 20 quarts or 4.16 gallons. That equates to 18 cans or 15 bottles, according to the company, which is perfect for people going on short trips or a small group of people going on an adventure. With its compact size, the Orca 20 qt cooler will leave you plenty of room to carry other equipment.

Strong build

With its roto-molded exterior, the Orca 20 qt cooler looks like nothing could put a dent in it. That’s also clear in one of the company’s taglines “Wherever you take it, it can take it”. It does not matter if you're going on a simple picnic to your local park or a hunting trip in the jungle, the Orca 20 qt cooler has you covered on chilled beverages and food.

Roto-molded means we have constructed the cooler using a mold. The factory pours plastic powder or resin into a hollow mold and this mold is then rotated in an oven until the powder or resin melts and coats the inside the mold while forming a cooler that is just one piece.

It looks like a durable cooler that can take anything you throw at it. In fact, owner Cliff Walker is so confident about the cooler’s strength he offers a lifetime guarantee with each one.

Since the Orca 20 qt cooler is one piece, it thus has fewer vents through which hot air could enter the ice box. So your beverages and food can stay chilled and fresh for longer than in other coolers.

Uniform walls

The Orca 20 qt cooler has thick 2-3 inch walls that are almost uniform throughout. This is essential because if you have 3-inch walls throughout but only have a 1-inch lid, it reduces the effectiveness of the thicker walls. Heat will take the path of least resistance so it helps that the Orca cooler has uniform walls, thus better insulating the cool air within.

Thick gasket

Between the lid and the rest of the cooler lies, a thick rubber gasket that provides end-to-end insulation and is one of the key reasons the Orca 20 qt cooler can preserve ice for as long as it can. The gasket helps form a pressure seal once the lid is closed thus ensuring cold air stays within the cooler. A thinner gasket would be more conducive to hot air infiltrating the cooler.

Quality fittings

If the Orca 20 qt cooler had it all – thick walls, roto-molded exterior, thick gasket–but low-quality latches and hinges, it would not be a very good cooler. But the Orca cooler has stainless steel hinges that will prevent rust, and latches made of thick rubber, which are long-lasting and are incidentally shaped like whale tails, which adds a quirky note of uniqueness to the cooler.

When you close the latches of the Orca 20 qt cooler, they snap shut tight, ensuring the pressure seal created by the thick rubber gasket stays in place.

Easy handle Orca 20 qt cooler sports a single, stainless steel handle with a flexible grip perfect for one person to hold and makes for easy portability.

Water drainage

The Orca 20 qt cooler features a drainage spout on the side that allows water collected inside the cooler to be remove easily. This eliminates the need to open the cooler to empty it while letting warm air in and allowing the cold air inside the cooler to escape.

Rubber feet

The Orca 20 qt cooler comes with anti-slip rubber feet below that ensure it stays where it is kept.

Customizable styles

Orca coolers seem to be the only coolers on the market that come in a range of colors and styles. In fact, there are seven categories of design you can choose for your Orca 20 qt cooler:

1.         Classic – Here you can choose between a variety of solid colors for your cooler, for example: blue, green, etc.

2.         Camouflage – Adorn your Orca 20 qt cooler in a camouflage pattern of your choice

3.         Collegiate – If you support a sports team that Orca has a license for, you are in for a treat! You can get your team’s logo superimposed on your cooler so you can represent wherever you are.

4.         Hero – This design is in honor of the emergency medical services and first responders of the country

5.         Licensed – This cooler is perfect for hunters and includes the National Rifle Association’s logo, along with that of the National Wild Turkey Federation

6.         Lifestyle – Here, you can get your cooler with the American flag printed on the lid

7.         Team – You can wrap the cooler in the colors of your favorite team if you do not want to place their logo on it

Extra features

The Orca 20 qt cooler comes with a mesh pocket affixed behind, which can be used to store magazines, bottle openers and other gadgets you could not do without on those camping trips. 

For an added cost, you can fix what is called a ‘molle’ wrap to your cooler, which is a multi-purpose carryall that fits around the body of your cooler. The molle wrap will allow you to carry such things as water bottles, flashlights, and phones, thus adding to the usefulness of this cooler.

Whopping guarantee

Orca offers a lifetime guarantee with their coolers, which is more than what other cooler brands offer. This shows the company is confident in the durability of their products and the length of time they can do what they are meant to do: keep things chilled!

To sum things up, the Orca 20 qt cooler looks like a must buy for people going on trips outdoors, especially those who want to add a bit of color to their lives. With a seamless design, a thick rubber gasket and uniform insulation walls guaranteeing long ice life, the Orca 20 qt cooler looks like it is worth the money.

AO Coolers Review

AO Coolers Review

AO coolers claim to be the pioneers in using the TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane in the linings to build soft-sided coolers. The company is based out of Southern California and has been innovative in their approach to make a product which understands the needs of its customers and delivers them with the best of results. AO has been in the soft-sided cooler market for nearly two decades now and has built quite a name for its brand, challenging the status quo of the bigger names such as Yeti and fighting the invisible battle with the imitators. I know AO coolers for their soft-sided coolers and looking at the demand in the market; they are venturing into newer products as well such as ice-chests and hybrid coolers. Here then, is a detailed AO coolers review.

What are Soft Sided coolers?

Soft-sided coolers are basically bags which keep your beverages or items cold on an outfitter adventure. They mostly make them up of vinyl (or fabric) rather than rotomolded plastic which makes them so much lighter than its hard-sided counterpart. The weightlessness wipes the sweat off a lot of customers are against carrying a heavy product in the difficult terrains. Another positive feature is that they come with shoulder straps and helps in keeping the hands free for other useful functions. Being collapsible, they occupy a lesser space. So the user can just fold them up and save a lot of space for other useful stuff.

AO Soft-Sided Coolers

​AO Coolers are considered being the best in the league of soft-sided coolers. The quality, the ice-retention, the smart looks, easy to carry and low maintenance makes them a favorite among the enthusiasts of hassle-free products which can enhance their travel experience. With an aim to cater to multiple needs of the consumer and to sustain against the competition in the market, AO offers a varied range of coolers to choose from. The four options available in the market are Carbon, Hunter, Canvas, and Vinyl. They have a lot more in their offering which we shall look at in due course of time but right now let’s explore their world of soft-sided coolers.

What are AO Soft-Sided Coolers Made Of?

When AO first started making coolers, they had just one aim in mind: to make a product which solves all the troubles which keep cropping up with regular coolers. And they did justice with all their aspirations. Looking at the product one would wonder how the product got so good. The answer rests in the innovative technologies used and the quality of materials used. As mentioned earlier, AO coolers use TPU liners to ensure that the only worry you may have is, “how you will make the maximum out of your paddling trip?” The TPU lining serves two purposes, it locks the moisture inside the cooler and prevents it from appearing on the outer side and that it remains dry

If you want to carry the coolest accessory to your adventure wonderland, do not give the AO Cooler Backpack a skip. It makes carrying of your ever so comforting food and beverages a lot easier. Another feature which makes the AO coolers stand apart is its super soft skin (material). The material doesn’t chaff the back when hung over the shoulders for long distances. In fact, it is comfortable carrying the cooler around!

Ice Retention

The deal breaker with any cooler is its ice-retention capabilities. All other features go for a toss when this parameter does not match up to the expectations. But thankfully, AO coolers are made for keeping ice for longer first and for the charming looks, next! The AO coolers offer ice-retention for nearly 48 hours in not so harsh conditions. And when the California sun is shining harsh and bright, the retention drops to 24 hours.

We agree that is duration is no match for what is offered by the hard-sided coolers but when this quality is offered by a soft-lined cooler, it is commendable. Given the range of imitation products available in the market which though is cheap but do not deliver to the expectations, it is quite impressive and firms its ground in being a premium cooler.


The biggest advantage of soft-sided coolers is the breezy material they are built with. The soft material also helps in keeping any injury at bay which might arise due to chaffing or scrubbing against it frequently. The lightweight material makes sure that the only weight you have to carry is of the stuff you will put inside. They are not just comfortable to carry around but also open a lot more avenues to explore which were never an option with heavy hard-sided coolers.
AO coolers come with a lot of carrying options. They have multiple handle and straps such as overhead carrying handles or backpack straps which enable them to carry around without the tension of staining your back of pulling arm muscle.

The range of Sizes Available

It is important to be aware of the needs and requirements of the customers to sustain in the market. AO’s two decades worth of experience in manufacturing coolers. The AO coolers are available in a range of six sizes.

•           12 Packs- Holds 12 cans and 5 pounds of ice. The size is 14” x 7” x 12”.
•           24 Packs- Holds 24 cans and 14 pounds of ice. The size is 17” x 10” x 12”.
•           36 Packs- Holds 36 cans and 20 pounds of ice. The size is 21” x 10” x 12”.
•           48 Packs- Holds 48 cans and 20 pounds of ice. The size is 21” x 13” x 13”.
•           15 Packs- Holds 15 cans and 5 pounds of ice. The size is 15” x 9.5” x 9”.
•           38 Packs- Holds 38 cans and 5 pounds of ice. The size is 23 x 15” x 8.5”.

AO Coolers Reviews

1. AO Carbon Cooler Series- This is the best cooler available in the market in terms of looks and features. With almost good ice retention, sleek and sophisticated looks, and material quality, it is the most favorite model for the consumers. The exterior, although it appears to be made of carbon fiber, is woven vinyl. The Carbon series coolers are waterproof and ensure that the material inside stays safe during your water adventure sports. They also come with multiple carrying options and make the mobility easy. It’s only drawback which comes out is that the price is on a higher side for the benefits it provides.

The model is available in two colors: Silver or Black. The capacities offered are 12 packs, 24 packs, 36 packs, and 48 packs.

2. AO Hunter Series Coolers:  The only difference of this model as against the others are the ‘Mossy Oak’ exterior design and capacities offered. This model was first made keeping in mind the hunters as color coordination of outfit and accessories are an important factor in undertaking hunting. This series is the best choice for people looking to add a hint of jazz to their adventure. The coolers are available in 12 packs, 18 packs, 24 packs, 36 packs, and 48 packs. The most popular model in this series is the backpack model. You could, however, get a rucksack one, if you prefer.

 3. AO Canvas Series Coolers: The pioneer in the series of soft-sided coolers was AO’s Canvas series cooler. Though it has a lot of quality features, the opinions turn out to be mixed when we talk about its performance. It follows the wide-mouth design to make it easy to keep and take out stuff. Besides its features, it has one or two areas of concerns as the material used to make these coolers are not very robust and are prone to tear. The carrying straps are also not very strong to support the weight of the products inside.

It is currently available in 6 colors, Mossy Oak, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue Charcoal, and Black. The coolers are available in 12 packs, 24 packs, 36 packs, 38 packs, and 48 packs. This one also is a backpack style cooler.

 4. AO Vinyl Series Coolers: It wouldn’t be wrong to say the Vinyl series coolers are the rock stars of the entire AO product family. Built with denier lining which gives it a robust, risk-free, no-tear and water-resistant finish, the ice retention seals the deal for any customer and enthusiast of keeping his beverage cold after a long trek. As if this was not enough, the bags have a UV coating which keeps the color of the bags intact for a long time. So buyers, get ready to flaunt your new Vinyl series coolers for a significant amount of time. The cooler is an idea; fit for boating rendezvous as it comes with suction cups which hold them in place while you are doing any of the activities mentioned. The only area it takes the slightest of hits is the looks part. It might not look too trendy or forward for many customers but if one is willing to compromise on looks and take into consideration the robust features, it would be an ideal fit for them.
It is available in 3 colors, Navy Blue, Charcoal, and Black. The coolers are available in 12 packs, 15 packs, 24 packs, 36 packs, 38 packs, and 48 packs.

5. AO Backpack Cooler: The coolest and most comfortable offering by AO coolers till date is the Backpack Cooler! It gives the comfort of throwing the bag over your shoulders to keep your hands free. It reduces the stress of carrying the heavy bags by their straps which gets inconvenient when the bag is too large and heavy. The cooler comes with thick padded shoulder straps to distribute the weight evenly across the shoulder and back. It is a high-performance product which holds the promise of taking care of your cooling needs. The extraordinary features include water resistance, no-tear material, high mobility, exceptionally good looks. But it all comes at a certain price which customers might consider being on a higher side. It is one of the premium coolers.

It is currently available in 6 colors, Red, Mossy Oak, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Charcoal, and Black. But the cooler is only available in 18 pack capacity model.

6. AO Stow-N-Go Coolers: This is a highly functional cooler. Rugged, leak-proof, and designed to keep ice for 24 hours in hot weather too. These coolers do not leak or sweat as they have TPU liners of high quality. They are strong and eco-friendly to boot. The insulation is three-quarters of an inch in thickness made of high-density cell foam. The exterior is soft and does not pose a danger to upholstery. Unlike other coolers, this can even under boat seats! It is just 8.5” tall and can fit under the seats of other vehicles as well. 

Available in black color, it holds 38 cans and 14 pounds of ice. It is leakproof and holds ice longer than the competition.

AO Hard Sided Cooler- Everest

After waiting for two decades, AO coolers have jumped into the market to take the hard-sided cooler market battle head-on. Being in the industry for so long and after being accepted by customers for its value for money products, one thing that is sure is that they know how to build a quality cooler. A cooler which not only fulfills the needs of the customers but also matches the trend and looks stylish. By putting all the learnings from the past, they have built a product that can withstand the test of time and match up the demands of an active outdoor adventurous life. It is named ‘Everest Coolers’. They are ever ready to be thrown in the eye of the storm and would emerge as good as new- so carry them along for all your intense outfitter trips.

The 80-quart coolers do not come with in-built wheels for convenient dragging but the two sturdy handles cushioned with thick foam make carrying the coolers easier. It becomes heavy after filling it, so yes it is a bit uncomfortable to carry this one around but the quality offered in terms of ice retention makes up for the unfavorable characteristic.

The interior of this hard-sided cooler has been carefully designed. It comes with 3” thick walls with food grade gasket which ensures the expected squeeze for maximum ice-retention. The insides have been well designed to keep the substance where they are in the course of travel and prevent leakages. Everest coolers keep ice up to 5 days under harsh conditions which are normal for an 80-quart model.

The other features include a drain pipe to empty the melted ice which in this case sometimes amount up to 40 pounds. This option makes the cleaning and maintenance an easy job. It is only available in white color. Overall, if we compare it with the market champions such as Yeti and Kysek, AO has still a long way to go in the hard-sided coolers market. However, given the pace it is integrating innovation in all its products, AO will catch up soon with the market trends and demands.


AO coolers are all in when it comes to customers and their needs. They focus on offering products which can act as a constant companion to customers and keep them hydrated in all situations. But the service does not end when the customer walks out of their counter after signing the bill and paying the amount- AO stands beside its customers at all times

After reading this, you must have figured out one major thing: ‘they are not very different from what others in the market have to offer’. Yes, in fact, true but the only difference is AO has the quality to its side. The products are robust with a long life. One can rest assured and would not need to plan to buy another cooler if you have added this in your kitty.

If you are planning to buy any of the above-mentioned models, we would suggest, you either check out the AO coolers’ official website or Beware of the imitation or copied products under the same name!  

Lifetime Cooler Review

Lifetime Cooler Review

Coolers, or Ice Boxes as we call them, are an integral part of any picnic, camping, or fishing trips. They are used to keep our food fresh and our drinks cold on hot summer days.

The market is full of different varieties of ice coolers. There are mini coolers, jumbo coolers, some which keep ice for 10 days or longer, a few easy to transport and others which have cup holders. One can choose an ice-cooler, from the wide array, as per their requirement and budget.

The brand Lifetime has launched their “Lifetime 55 Quart High-Performance Cooler” in the market. This cooler has everything that one needs plus a lot more. We took a closer look at the cooler and provide below a comprehensive Lifetime Cooler Review to help you make an informed decision.

About the brand

Lifetime Products Inc., a US-based company, is the leading manufacturer of folding chairs, tables, picnic tables, ice coolers, and home basketball equipment in the world. The company founded by Barry Mower in 1972 after he, unknowingly, made a sturdy adjustable home basketball net for his kid out of used pipes, plywood, and a basketball rim. The new adjustable home basketball set was an instant hit and orders started flowing in from friends and neighbors. Today this complete basketball package dominates the markets.
The company has 5 stores in Utah and believes in manufacturing products which last a lifetime thus abiding by the company’s name and vision of creating “Lifetime Products.

About the Product - Lifetime 55 Quart High-Performance Cooler

The Lifetime High-Performance Cooler is the answer to your search for the best cooler in the market. Lifetime’s cooler has a clear edge over all the other available coolers not just because of its price but also because of its strength and ice-retention capacity. The cooler has an insulated lid and body which provide protection, strength, and insulation. Yet, the cooler is light enough for everyday use and is durable as well. The Lifetime cooler comes with a 5-year warranty and claims to store ice for a good 7 days. It weighs 10 Kgs and has a volume capacity of 55 quarts. The cooler has space enough for stacking 60 cans along with ice. Enough to last for a week long camping trip!

How does the Lifetime Cooler fare on different specifications?


The Lifetime cooler is constructed using Urethane, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene which makes it durable.  It’s an ideal partner for long camping trips and will not bow down even after being bounced around in the back of a truck during long journeys. Unlike other coolers, which bend and break due to heavy usage, the Lifetime Cooler is built to last and just like its name, it will be with you for a lifetime. The cooler has been factory tested for breakages and bending and only after passing strict quality parameters has it been launched in the market for sale. The Lifetime cooler can also act as a mini table or a seat for 2 people during an outdoor camping trip. It can take the weight of two people sitting on it without hampering its cooling mechanism and functioning.

Ice Retention Capacity

Most of the coolers available in the market claim to have the longest ice-retention capacity though not all can support their claims. The Lifetime High-performance Cooler has a proven 7-day ice-retention capability. Happy and satisfied customers, after using the cooler, have supported Lifetime Cooler’s claim that the ice can be kept for almost 7 days barring hot weather and conditions where it might last for around 5-6 days rather than 7 days. This is still much longer than the other ice-coolers in the market. The best feature about Lifetime cooler is that it can keep the ice even after being opened every next hour. People with kids will value this even more! The company also provides certain tips to ensure the ice stays longer than the stated 7 days and following those, one can enjoy fresh food and cold drinks all week around.

Weight and Accessibility-

The Lifetime Cooler’s weight of 10 Kgs might seem like a lot but it is, in fact, easy to move around. It can fit into the trunk of your car and can be easily lugged along on your camping adventures. The cooler has nylon ropes attached with the handles which make it easy to grip and carry. The huge space of the cooler ensures you can carry all the food and drinks you require for the trip without hurting your hand while carrying it around. Also, the cooler has a heavy duty latch to keep the contents safe. Although, the latch is heavy-duty, is easy to open and can be used even by kids. Though, “easy for kids to use” translates into lid being left open. For those situations, the cooler comes with a latch lock. The easy-to-use latch lock can be put into the bottle opener on the cooler and one can sit back, relax and enjoy the trip.

Useful Accessories and Features 

The Lifetime cooler has several helpful features. Two of its most useful accessories are the bottle opener and rubber pads at the bottom. Its bottle opener in the Lifetime Cooler saves you the effort of carrying one on trips and is very handy. The cooler is mostly used to store cold drink bottles and cans and having a bottle opener attached to the cooler makes things even better. The cooler also comes with rubber pads attached to the bottom grooves which act like the cooler’s legs. These rubber pads help absorb the shock if the cooler is bounced around or kept with force on the ground. They also keep the cooler stable on the ground and doesn’t let it slide or slip away especially while it is lying in the trunk of the car while driving. Another feature, worth mentioning, is that when the lid of the cooler is opened, it stays steady and does not fall back again. This might seem like a small thing but could be irritating when the lid keeps falling on your hand while you are trying to either re-fill the box or take things out. Lifetime cooler stands tall on its claims of stability and strength with all these amazing features and accessories.

Cooler Drain Nozzle

The Lifetime Cooler comes with an inbuilt drain nozzle to drain out the melted ice water. The best part about this feature is that the drain nozzle can be attached to a garden hose and the water can drain easily and used for watering the plants etc. instead of just wasting it. In other coolers, which do not have this functionality, the water can only be thrown at one place, which is more often than not, the kitchen sink, as it’s difficult to walk around the garden with the cooler tilted in your hands. With Lifetime Cooler, this becomes easy, and it helps you take one step towards the green initiative. The drain nozzle also comes with an air-tight cap which when put on prevents any leaks from the cooler. This ensures that any melted ice water remains in the cooler and doesn’t leak on to the car or in the house.

After Sales Customer Service-

The Lifetime brand believes in providing the best in class customer service. There are many happy customer stories where the company has helped the customers and to ensure that they receive the best quality products. Their helpline numbers are accessible and the customer care executives help with not only resolving any issue with the product but also assist in answering any question that the customer has regarding the product. The company also has an efficient system in place for after-sales servicing. Customer care also assists the customers in choosing the best product from their huge list based on their requirements and budget.

The Lifetime Cooler has everything that one needs from a good cooler apart from being affordable. The Lifetime cooler comes at a price less than half as compared to the other coolers in the market. Its sturdy look and feel, coupled with the huge capacity make it an ideal choice. To top it, its “too-good-to-be-true” price makes it very difficult to choose another cooler over the Lifetime Cooler. This is Lifetime Products’ first foray into the field of coolers and one wished they had launched this much earlier. These coolers are useful not only by campers and families but also by professionals who need to carry food and drinks as part of their daily work like soda salesmen, fish, and meat delivery men, etc.

The company stays true to its name and promises a cooler which lasts you a lifetime. It becomes a part of your memories as it accompanies you on the many holidays, camping trips, fishing expeditions, weekend picnics, and family barbeques. This lifetime cooler review should help you make the right choice- so go ahead and get yourself one!!

Grizzly Cooler Review

Grizzly Cooler Review

Are They Worth The Hype?

If you are looking for a cooler with a high-end tag but don’t want to go in for the Yeti, then Grizzly could well be your choice. Although Grizzly has never claimed the limelight as Yeti has done, it has nudged itself into the marketplace as a cooler that can be reckoned with. Grizzly claims to have the “longest ice life of any cooler on the market”. Also, that Grizzly has expanded into soft-sided coolers is another point in its favor. In fact, it has gone beyond even that and has invested in various drink-ware products. It seems to offer a great deal of variety and appears to be an ideal cooling solution for people looking at an extended outdoors stay. Let’s dig deeper into this premium cooler that comes with a premium price tag.

Variety of Size

It’s very convenient when coolers come in different sizes as it gives users more to choose from and also suits their choices according to their needs. The Grizzly has outdone itself by making its coolers available in many sizes. The smallest, Grizzly 16 quart cooler, can house 15 12 ounce cans and hold 5 pounds of ice, while the Grizzly 20 can hold 24 12 ounce cans. It has two medium sized coolers- Grizzly 40 qt and Grizzly 60 qt that can hold 66 and 72 cans. Its large coolers graduate from Grizzly 75 qt and Grizzly 150 qt to a gigantic Grizzly 400 qt, capable of holding 84, 144 and 504 12 ounce cans.
Grizzly coolers appear to be a shade larger than top cooler brands such as Yeti and steals march over it when it comes to storage capacity. A Grizzly 40 will give you 40 quarts of internal storage space while a Yeti 40 will give you only 37 quarts. Although this may not matter in the long run, it’s a point to keep in mind while buying a cooler.

The good thing about the entire line of Grizzly coolers is that all the high-end features are available on all the versions- be it the affordable G15 or the huge G400. Users don’t have to make compromises of any sort just because they buy a more affordable model.


Grizzly coolers are nice to look at, strong and yet very appealing. There’s a sense of sophistication about them with their classic looks. They come in a variety of colors, especially the smaller sizes- red, tan, teal sea foam and more.


Do Grizzly coolers have what it takes to be categorized as high-end? Apparently, yes-its tall claims of having ice-retention far a much longer period than any other cooler in the market is not to be taken lightly. There are so many coolers out there that advertise their long ice-retention periods, but Grizzly seems to put all of those in the shade. Grizzly coolers boast of a 19-day ice-retention period- its enormous G400 model, which can hold over 500 cans is capable of this. The ice number is incredible given that many other premium coolers don’t advertise beyond 12 days of ice-retention. In a 90 degree F environment, the smallest cooler G15 retained ice for a little over 4 days, G60- for over 8 days and its largest cooler G400 for over 19 days- despite opening the cooler many times a day.
Though real-life tests didn’t corroborate those numbers, the test results were still impressive. Ice-retention periods varied from 2 to 10 days.

Excellent drainage valve

It’s difficult to tilt a heavy cooler to drain off the water. This is where an extra-large drain valve with drain channels can help. The drain valve for the Grizzly is situated right at the bottom of the cooler and allows water to drain out in a quick and efficient manner. The time you spend doing this is greatly minimized. In addition, there are also several flow channels that draw away the water from the ice into the drain. Proper drainage is essential as ice in melted water, melts easily and this hinders the cooling performance. Good drainage helps to keep more ice in the chest. After you have drained the water, ensure that the cooler is full- more ice in the cooler means, ice-life is also longer.

Sturdy cooler

Most top end coolers are rotomolded and that translates into increased durability and increased cooling capacity. Rotomolding ensures that the thickness of the wall remains consistent throughout the cooler. During the process polymer beads are heated till they melt and then together with the insulated shell, they are placed in a centrifuge. When the plastic forms around the insulation, a seal is created. The cooler is made from just a single, seamless piece of plastic rather from many pieces and this makes it strong and leak proof.

Even if one wall is thinner than the rest, the quality of the cooler is affected. However, in the Grizzly cooler, the material is thick throughout the ice box. The question of air gaps just doesn’t arise. So potential leak paths for cold air to escape are just not present. Rotomolding also ensures that there are no imperfections and that the end product is tough. Rotomolding is an expensive procedure, but the end results are well worth it.

Even the joints are built right into the plastic, which makes them very strong. The lid which is a limitation in many coolers, is a huge plus in Grizzly as it opens all the way. You can see what is inside the cooler and take things out.

Strong Latching system

When it comes to latches in coolers, many of them often do not bite and that results in a gap through which cold air can escape. This results in a reduction in ice-life and performing the cooler reduces.
The latches in the coolers are not made of plastic but from rubber. Grizzly likes to call this the ‘bear claw’. The latches have to be pulled down below a plastic hook and this stretched rubber keeps the lid tightly closed like a strong elastic stretch band. Grizzly also uses mold-in brass inserts for its latching systems. With such perfect latches, the cooler is sealed and the cold air is kept within and no warm air from outside enters. That means everything remains cool and fresh inside. The coolers can also be opened and closed easily by anyone.

Long lasting hinges

Many coolers don’t pay attention to the hinges although they are an important part of the cooler. Plastic hinges last- that’s why Grizzly coolers use molded hinges held together with stainless steel pins. Since you open and close the cooler so many times, the hinges should hold up. Plastic hinges crack or warp and that destroys the seal and affects the cooling performance. Using stainless steel pins helps prevent rusting and also allows for more openings and closings of the cooler. Hinges are often the bane of lower-end coolers.

Bear-resistant and tough

All Grizzly coolers have undergone strict IGBC Bear Resistance testing and hence are certified as being bear resistant. A combination of rotomolded polyurethane, an excellent latch system and the use of stainless steel hinges all contribute to the strength and robustness of the coolers. These coolers have all undergone rigorous testing of their durability and strength. From the smallest to the largest cooler, they have come out with flying colors and even under extreme conditions, they are safe, durable and will perform well. Grizzly wants to give users coolers that will last.

Superior Insulation

Eco-mate 2# foam is EPA-friendly polyurethane foam that is not heavy but still has superior insulation abilities. As the entire Grizzly cooler consists of this foam, the contents are protected from the environment. That’s why the ice remains frozen for long periods of time. A thick rubber gasket and the insulated lid seals the cooler well- both contributing to the superior cooling ability of the Grizzly. This seal is very important as it keeps the cold air in. A gasket that doesn’t do that hinders ice-life and ice-retention. Thick insulated walls and lids afford greater insulation. Each cooler–from the smallest to the largest is equipped with identical insulation and thus offer the same cooling abilities. These coolers do their job well and contribute to superior cooling.


Grizzly coolers do their job well and with a few accessories to make them more appealing and attractive. Although these coolers are well insulated and have a good ice-life, all these make them a little more bulky and heavy to carry. To make the coolers easier to handle, Grizzly has introduced some additional features

It provides the coolers with non-skid rubber feet to prevent sliding in sloped terrain or on wet surfaces. Besides flexible rope handles they also provide it with built-in handles, which will last a long while. Combined together, they make carrying the cooler an easier task. Carrying a cooler full of ice is hard work and although the molded handles by themselves are enough to carry the cooler, the flexible rope handles can pitch in when you cannot get a good, strong grip on the cooler. These rope handles, covered with a nylon guard, are long and makes it easy to carry the cooler.

A useful feature is a recessed bezel that runs the entire length of the cooler and a small plastic tray that works like a small freezer. You don’t want to eat soggy sandwiches or soft pulpy fruit- well, if you want to keep those from the ice, the handy tray is just the thing that fits into the cooler.

For fishing enthusiasts, some coolers come with a built-in ruler on top- you can measure the size of your catch and gloat over it.

Which Grizzly cooler- for what

•           The 16 qt cooler with its easy to carry handle and two side handles is small meant for personal use. Available in green, blue, white, tan, orange and sandstone, it’s small enough to port along your daily lunch with drinks.
•           Perfect for a day trip, the 20 qt cooler with its swivel handle and molded handles are not too difficult to carry. It comes in different colors and is a robust small cooler just as good as its larger counterparts.
•           Grizzly 40 qt is a practical cooler ideal for frequent use. It’s available in four colors- tan, white, green and sandstone and is most appropriate for a short outing or a boating trip.
•           The 60 qt model appears to have been designed for those who are going on long trips. Ideal for hunters and campers too. Narrower and taller, it fits on the back of ATVs or UTVs.
•           Slightly bigger, the 75 qt cooler with its rubber gasket lid is available in sandstone, tan and white. You can fill it with whatever you have in mind and though difficult to carry when full, it’s an ideal tailgating cooler.
•           The 150 qt and 400 qt coolers should satisfy the avid needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Though its weight is a drawback, if you want to go on a long trip on a boat, then these are great.

Soft-sided coolers

Coolers are much more than performance and toughness- today, it’s also about style and fashion. Grizzly kept this in mind when it brought out its Drifter coolers- tough enough for short durations and good looking enough to attract attention.

Grizzly’s soft-sided coolers- the Drifter- are recent and have a small lineup. They may not be able to lay claim to having the longest ice-life but are tough otherwise. They are adequate in size and are competitive when it comes to price. When it comes to storage, they have lots of additional storage facilities and are attractively styled. These coolers are good for a day picnic or a short outing when you don’t want to lug around heavy coolers.


When designed its soft-sided coolers, it perhaps never intended they should be contenders for ice-retention. In fact, it tried to balance less insulation, small size, and lower prices. Only Drifter 20 has a molded EVA lid and base that gives it the insulation that a cooler needs. In addition, it also made the cooler structurally more rigid.

Tests were conducted on both the models and Drifter 20 emerged as the winner- the larger the model, and the more the insulation, the longer the ice-life. The Drifter 12 has adequate ice-life to last a lunch outing or a small picnic. While the 12 quarts will give you about 12-14 hours of ice-life, the bigger model will keep ice for a full day.

Size and colors

The Drifter comes in two sizes- Drifter 12 and Drifter 20 which means 12 and 20 quarts of storage. Though Drifter is more of a lunch bag that would suit a single or two people at the most, Drifter 20 can carry a good amount of food and drinks. Drifter 12 comes in 4 colors while Drifter 20 is available only in 2 colors. Besides multi-color schemes, the coolers come in different fabric types, which gives users so many more options. Grizzly has plans to roll out soft-sided coolers in more colors in the near future.


Enter your text here...Both the coolers have an outer waterproof ballistic polymer shell, which is water-resistant, tear-resistant and tough. Usually, soft-sided coolers don’t come with waterproof liners and are thus not leak proof. You would use an ice pack rather than ice. The Grizzly Drifters have waterproof liners, so you could use ice or an ice-pack. What’s better still is that this liner can be removed in the Drifter 20.

Drifter 12 has a big zippered pocket at the back and a small one in the front. It also has a side pouch that can accommodate a water bottle. Drifter 20 also has three pockets, a zippered one at the side, a large one at the back and an ordinary pocket in the front. Though the coolers by themselves are small, the additional storage options make them handier than they appear at first sight. As the zippers are heavy-duty, they don’t pose any opening or closing problems. It’s only when the zippers call it quits that you have a problem on your hands as you can neither close nor open your cooler.

Both the coolers come with a non-skid base, so even on rough terrain or wet surfaces, they do not slip and slide. The base also helps to preserve the fabric of the soft-sided cooler.


Mobility seems to be the Grizzly game when it came out with these soft-sided coolers. That’s why both provide two carrying options- overhead carrying handles and a shoulder strap that can be adjusted. Carrying the cooler around is not going to cause serious problems.


So how do Grizzly’s Drifters compare with soft-sided coolers by top-end brands such as Yeti or Engel?, Grizzly (at least in its soft-sided lineup) totes up just as being an average brand that cannot compare with premium coolers in the same category in terms of toughness, durability, or ice-life. However, if you score it against the normal lunch tote or picnic bag, it stands taller.


The trouble with most products is that the better they are, the pricier they become and hence un-affordable. Users always like to see good value regarding performance and features. Grizzly Drifter coolers give you that- an affordable soft-sided cooler adequate for those that want “above budget-brands” but less than “expensive brands”. There are lots of people who look for just that.

Lifetime Warranty

That Grizzly coolers come with a lifetime warranty is very reassuring and the fact that the company can back their products with such a warranty is reassuring. You don’t have to worry if anything goes wrong with your product- the issue will be resolved by Grizzly


  • Thick, durable zippers that never jam
  • Robust liner capable of handling occasional accidents
  • Build quality good, aesthetically pleasing
  • Plenty of additional storage pockets
  • Strong shoulder straps and handle
  • Strong in accessories
  • Good zippers


  • Stitching on external fabric is loose. This could pose issues if unraveling persists
  • Limited size options

Grizzly’s soft-side coolers are a great addition to its robust and acknowledged hard-sided lineup. It appears to have the same approach that Yeti has- when size options, colors, insulation quality of materials and aesthetics are considered. In fact, there’s little to choose between both. Maybe Grizzly has a slight edge over Yeti in terms of ice life, but otherwise, both the IGBC certified coolers are up for the taking.

Grizzly coolers are perhaps trying to edge Yeti coolers out of their top spot and they might well succeed given the fact that these are available at discounted prices regarding comparable Yeti sizes. However, Yeti will not take that lying down. It’s been at the top for too long to settle for anything less.

Grizzly claims to the ‘Outdoor everything cooler’ and it’s justified in its claims. It seems to have weathered the hiking trails, the hunter's’ wrath, the fisherman’s guile and the adventurous trail with equal aplomb. Grizzly has also promised more by way of soft-sided coolers, so let’s see what lies in store.

Igloo MaxCold Cooler Review

Igloo MaxCold Cooler Review

Ice Coolers have changed the way we holiday. Gone are the days when we could carry only dry snacks and foods on our camping trip and drink hot beer out of cans. Thanks to the popularity and usability of ice-coolers, we can carry fruits, meat etc., while camping and enjoy chilled drinks. The ice-coolers which work on the principle of insulation, help keep our drinks cool and food fresh.

Ice Coolers have slowly but steadily become an integral part of any holiday. They accompany us on a camping trip, or a day out fishing, even a long holiday or a road trip. There are different ice coolers available in the market based on their manufacturing technology, size, insulation capacity, etc.

Each brand has something to offer but more often than not, it’s the brand name which determines the price of the cooler. The YETI and ORCA coolers, which are an established brand demand more price as compared to the Igloo or Lifetime Coolers, which although are equally good, do not have the same brand following as the former.

Finding an ice cooler which suits your requirements and fits your budget can sometimes be a daunting task. There are so many parameters to look and test along with checking the price and ease of use. Here is the Igloo MaxCold Cooler review on parameters of durability, insulation, look & feel as well as price. Based on these parameters, you can decide if the Igloo MaxCold coolers are the ideal choice for you or not.

About the brand

Igloo, a US-based cooler manufacturer, started as a modest metal working shop in 1947. Over the years, Igloo has redefined how we work and holiday. They helped to make the 20th century’s outdoor recreation movement possible with their range of picnic soft coolers. Today, Igloo manufactures over 500 products ranging from hard walled coolers, soft-sided coolers, water jugs, and water bottles.

The company, with close to 1200 employees and a 1.8 million square foot 3 building facility can easily be called one of the largest cooler manufacturers in the USA. The brand is easily identified with quality products and the company is constantly striving to innovate and create products which help its consumers to enjoy their time outdoors camping, fishing, and holidaying.
Even though the Igloo brand provides quality products at an affordable price, it is not considered a premium brand and they are priced accordingly. For instance, the YETI, ORCA, and Grizzly coolers are priced at a premium owing to their brand name in the market.

About the Product – Igloo MaxCold Cooler

Igloo has recently come up with the new MaxCold range of coolers. The range consists of both hard sided and soft-sided coolers in various sizes. The hard-sided Igloo MaxCold Cooler comes in 4 sizes, 40 Quart (wheeled- small), 52 Quart (Wheeled- medium), 100 Quart (large), and 165 Quart (Giant size). The 4 cooler sizes cover the entire spectrum of coolers. They are not manufactured using the rotomolding technology and are instead built using Ultratherm Insulation. The wheeled options in the ice coolers are an added advantage.

The Igloo MaxCold Coolers are priced much lower than the other premium and rotomolding coolers and are an easy pocket pleaser.The Igloo MaxCold Coolers are priced much lower than the other premium and rotomolding coolers and are an easy pocket pleaser.

Igloo MaxCold Cooler Review:


Igloo MaxCold Coolers are not built using the rotomolding technology though are still sturdy and durable. The coolers can take the impact of being thrown about in the trunk while traveling by car and can also work as an extra seat during a picnic. The durability of the Igloo MaxCold coolers has been tried and tested and it matches with those of the premium category and rotomolded coolers.

The only issue that has been reported by the MaxCold customers is the poor quality of the latches and handles. The handles are made of plastic and tend to break under extreme pressure. Unlike the rotomolded coolers which have nylon ropes as side handles, the Igloo MaxCold has normal plastic handles. The handles are sturdy and of good quality but sometimes due to a heavy load of the cooler, the handles have the tendency to break. This is the only negative aspect in the Igloo MaxCold range of coolers and is more common for the large size coolers.

When comparing the Igloo MaxCold coolers with other premium range coolers, it is difficult to find issues with the former in terms of make and size. Though, it is noted that the size of the Igloo Coolers is a little less than the mentioned Quart capacity. For example, a 50 Quart cooler would have an actual ice retention capacity of only 46 Quart. This is not a major game changer and is noted in other premium category coolers as well. The Igloo MaxCold coolers are not Grizzly Bear Committee certified as yet but they are an ideal company for camping or picnics.

Ice Retention Capacity

The Igloo MaxCold Cooler can easily compete with the premium rotomolded coolers available in the market in terms of insulation and ice retention capacity. The cooler is built using the Ultratherm insulation. This insulation is not the thickest and is only around 1.5” but works wonders and is quite efficient in locking in the heat. The great thing about Igloo MaxCold coolers is the fact that they have insulation even in the lid on top. This is a feature seen only in premium coolers and not in coolers in the range of Igloo MaxCold.

The Cooler also comes along with a Cool Riser Technology which keeps the base of the cooler above the ground. This way, the base of the cooler never touches the ground and there is no exchange of heat between the ground and the cooler helping in better ice retention. The bigger MaxCold range of coolers also comes with a quick access latch on top. This helps in taking out stuff from the coolers instead of opening the entire lid every time while keeping the cool air intact. This feature is not seen in many of the premium range coolers.

It is studied that bigger coolers have longer ice retention capacity as compared to smaller ones. In the Igloo MaxCold range, the bigger coolers i.e. the 100 and 165 Quart coolers can hold ice up to 5-6 days while the smaller ones like the 40 and 50 Quart coolers can hold ice for up to 3-4 days. This is perfect for a short holiday or a week-long trip. With the Igloo MaxCold coolers, you are guaranteed chilled drinks and fresh food for the longest time possible.

Weight and Accessibility

The Igloo MaxCold coolers are not very bulky, unlike the rotomolded coolers which tend to be heavy duty and difficult to move around. The MaxCold series coolers can be carried and transported. They fit into car trunks or trucks and do not get impacted by getting moved around too much.

A few of the Igloo MaxCold coolers come with wheels at the bottom for easy mobility. This helps in moving them around while going on a camping or trekking holiday. Wheeled coolers are rare to find in this price range and are a feature provided in premium coolers. The coolers have side handles and a lid handle for carrying the cooler. There have been some instances where the handles have given away because of extreme pressure, especially in the big size coolers.

A great feature present in Igloo MaxCold Coolers is the quick access hatch. It’s a small lid which opens up and through which we can take out small items from the cooler instead of opening the entire lid. This helps in keeping the cool air inside the cooler and increase the insulation capacity. The Igloo MaxCold coolers might not be of the premium rotomolded variety with thick insulation walls, rubber gaskets, and heavy lid latches, but they still perform equally well and for half their cost.

Useful Accessories and Features

The Igloo MaxCold Coolers are not very high on features and accessories and rather focus on quality and performance. There are only a few noteworthy features in the MaxCold range of coolers. The Cool Riser Technology is a great feature which keeps the cooler’s base away or higher from the ground. This ensures that there is no transmission of heat between the cooler and the base it kept on, which further helps in greater ice retention.

The big size coolers also have a quick access hatch on top of the lid to take out items from the cooler without opening the main latch and the entire lid. This again is a smart feature which keeps the cool air inside and adds on to the ice retention capacity. These features are not seen on coolers of other brands and are an advantage for Igloo.

Its drain plugs on the larger Igloo MaxCold coolers are the threaded drain plugs which are not only easy to open and close but are also triple snap and leak resistant. With the smaller sized MaxCold coolers do not have a threaded drain plug but is still easy to access and does the main job of draining well. The features which the Igloo MaxCold range lacks is the anti-skid feet which prevent the cooler from slipping away while traveling or transporting in cars etc. However, the coolers do not have any extra accessory like a bottle opener, cup holder, or trays to organize the food, etc. Igloo has tried to keep the features to the minimal and increase its performance quality. The affordable price that it is available at, the lack of these features do not matter much. The cooler has all the essential features including a few smart ones as well which help in ease of use and increase the insulation capacity.

Warranty & Price

Igloo provides a limited warranty on its MaxCold coolers as it believes that its products are of utmost quality and are not easily susceptible to damages and breakages. The warranty period depends on the model of the MaxCold cooler bought. The main USP of Igloo MaxCold Coolers is its price is less than half as compared to premium rotomolded coolers. Yet they provide all the required benefits with utmost quality.

The Igloo coolers do not charge extra for the brand, or fancy features and believe in providing the basic service of cooling drinks and food for the longest duration possible. The motto of the company is to constantly innovate and create products which help the customers make their lives simpler. The company offers various models and sizes of MaxCold series to cater to all requirements.

The Igloo MaxCold coolers, as the name suggests, provide the maximum cooling but an affordable and reasonable price. Anyone can easily buy it and is an ideal partner for a camping or trekking trip. It is also useful during picnics on hot summer days and for short holidays. The Igloo coolers also come in various other categories using different manufacturing technologies but are still priced reasonably.

Even though Igloo is an old brand, it is not a brand which is recognized as a status symbol and thus cannot price its products at a premium. This is good news for the customers as they get the same quality of products at less than half the price. It's a win-win situation where you keep your pocket happy and still get an amazing product.

Product Variety

The Igloo MaxCold series has recently undergone a change in their looks and now they are available only in one color! They have a dark blue body with a light blue lid. There is no other color available in the MaxCold series and this is one of the cons of buying an Igloo MaxCold series cooler.

Leaving aside the limited color options, the MaxCold series has a range of coolers in various sizes like the MaxCold Quantum 52 Quart Cooler, MaxCold Icecube 70 Quart Cooler, MaxCold Contour 165 Quart Cooler, MaxCold 70 Quart Cooler, MaxCold 50 Quart Cooler, MaxCold 40 Quart Cooler, and MaxCold 100 Quart Cooler. The MaxCold coolers are available in all sizes, small, medium, large and giant size of 165 Quart.

The company, Igloo, also manufactures coolers in other series like the Marine Series, the Quantum Series, the Playmate Series, and the Yukon Series, etc. They also produce the Rotomolded variety of coolers which are priced accordingly. The company manufactures soft-sided coolers along with water jugs, water mugs, and water bottles. The product range at Igloo is vast and there is something to cater for everyone’s requirements.

It can be said the Igloo MaxCold Series Coolers are the best buy in the non-rotomolded category of coolers. They are priced reasonably but perform at par with the premium rotomolded variety of coolers like Yeti or ORCA. They might be low on additional features like dividers, drain pipes, cup holders, bottle openers, anti-skid feet etc., but still perform equally well. If you are looking for a cheap and affordable cooler in the non-rotomolded category, then Igloo MaxCold series is the best choice.

The pros and cons of buying an Igloo MaxCold Cooler:


  • Cheap Price
  • Cool Riser Technology
  • Lid Latch for quick access
  • Durable
  • Threaded drain pipe- for larger models 
  • Good Insulation Variety of sizes available


  • Weak handles and complaints of breakage
  • No color choice apart from Blue
  • Lack of additional features

As is clear, the Pros of buying an Igloo MaxCold Cooler far outshine the cons of the cooler and they suit the requirements perfectly for someone who is looking for a good quality cooler but at a cheap price.

The cooler has been compared with the premium coolers like Yeti, ORCA, and Grizzly. It does not have some of the premium features that these coolers offer like rotomolded technology, lifetime warranty, Grizzly Bear Committee certified, etc. However, the Igloo MaxCold coolers did outshine or stand neck-to-neck with these premium coolers on parameters of durability, insulation, and ease of use. It is now up to the consumer to decide whether they want to buy a big branded cooler like Yeti and pay the premium for the brand or rather buy a cheaper cooler from the MaxCold series but get almost the same features and service. The premium coolers like Yeti, ORCA etc., are lifetime investments as they do not get easily damaged. They also come with lifetime warranties and thus are more trustworthy in terms of their performance and durability.

On the other hand, the MaxCold coolers do have some issues with the handles etc., and their durability cannot be completely vouched for. Though it's important to state that the incidents where the plastic handles broke were seen in the bigger size coolers and also when they were filled to capacity. Besides the issue with plastic handles, the Igloo MaxCold coolers do not have any other disadvantage or blip on their performance.

Being one of the oldest cooler manufacturers does help Igloo to understand the requirement of the consumers better and they strive to make their products better each day. Igloo was the pioneer in cooler manufacturers and played an important part in the outdoor recreation wave in the US.

Coolers have steadily become an integral part of our lives. When something becomes an integral part and is used for recreation purposes, it is expected that the product delivers in terms of quality and performance. The Igloo MaxCold range does all of this and more. It is easily the best buy in the lower range coolers. It would have been an added advantage if the cooler was available in different colors and the plastic handles were replaced with the more sturdy nylon handles, especially on the big size coolers.

The last words in this Igloo MaxCold cooler review are that it’s a great buy for the price it demands and if you are not looking for a premium cooler, then the Igloo MaxCold should be your next cooler!

Best Soft Sided Cooler

Best Soft Sided Cooler

It’s hot and getting hotter and even the prospect of stretching out on the white, sandy beaches in front of a most inviting blue sea doesn’t seem to thrill you. You look at the drink in your hand- warm and sweet- and yearn for a canned coke from your fridge, which is now inaccessible. That though is not a problem at all- take a soft cooler along with you- those portable boxes that keep your drinks cold, and you, cool, no matter what. They’re easy to lug along or sling over your shoulders and they pack a punch. The best soft sided cooler will give you the coolest drinks!

Why choose a soft-sided cooler

A soft-sided cooler is a great option if you are hiking, going to the beach or spend a day out in cooler climes. They offer a hands-free carry, are portable and lighter than the hard molded coolers. Some even come with waterproof zippers or are water-resistant.

These are very versatile coolers and can double up as lunch boxes, act as a crate for your drinks and even keep your fresh catch nice and cold.

A huge advantage is that you no longer have to carry a couple of bags with you. Just the single cooler will do. Most of these coolers come with compartments and side pockets where you can stuff those hundred odd things you need while going on a trip. In addition, small zipped pockets double up as a place to keep your keys, phone, wallet, and a pocket-knife, maybe. 

Soft-sided coolers are easy to clean and wash well. They not only resist odors but also keep mildew and mold at bay.

Metrics to consider while buying a soft sided cooler

Remember, your soft-sided cooler should perform equally well in many places. Since you’re likely to use it only for short trips- the ice should last just that long. Ice-retention is a huge factor.

Insulation, durability, portability, and usability are factors to consider. Insulation is a top factor and deserves attention- you don’t want your soft-sided cooler to drip and defeat the purpose for which you bought it- to keep things cool inside. Insulation value ranks high- coolers with thicker insulation are likely to perform better. Open-cell insulation is lightweight and airy, but the insulation is loosely arranged and that doesn’t make it very effective. Closed-cell insulation is heavier and denser and insulates better. Of course, it’s pricier too!

The quality of external and internal fabrics used, what it is made of, how the construction is styled, how the cooler is designed, and the strength of seams determine durability, while its fate is sealed with the kind of zippers used. To put it succinctly, the soft cooler should be rugged and portable and maybe you can strike a compromise with insulation and price. The most expensive soft-sided cooler is not necessarily the best, for whatever you buy should suit your needs.

Which Soft cooler is for me?

Yes, Soft sided coolers keep things cool but there are so many in the market today ranging from one that could act as a simple lunch box to a fancy model that is high-end. When it boils down to what is right for you- you need to ask yourself a couple of questions- the purpose it will serve, where you will take it and the price you’re prepared to pay. If you’re having an outdoor party or a picnic or just carrying snacks with you on a field trip, you need to have a simple cooler that keeps things cool for a short duration. However, if you’re camping or hiking, you’re looking at keeping food cold and safe for a few days at least, then a long-lasting, high-end soft cooler is ideal.
Let’s take a good look at some of the best soft sided coolers that are doing the rounds.

YETI Hopper Flip

No, not the abominable snowman- but a soft-sided cooler that has been at the top of the market for many years now. YETI is synonymous with thermal efficiency, quality, ruggedness, and durability. It doesn’t leak, is puncture resistant and the high-grade fully sealed liner ensures that there is no sweating. It’s strong, sturdy and made of high-grade FDA approved material. The seams are not stitched but welded. A high-quality HydroLok zipper locks the cold within. To give you an idea of how good the zips are, they are designed the same way as the zippers on HazMat suits!! It’s the best cooler zipper that’s been used.

YETI’s Hopper soft coolers come in different sizes and shapes- zipper-only opening version- YETI Hopper 20 & 30, the flip over lid- YETI Hopper Flip 18 and even a backpack version- YETI Hopper Backflip 24. When it comes to ice retention, all of them score high. That can be attributed to the closed-cell rubber foam insulation that makes ice last for many days. When it comes to strapping the cooler to a raft or boat, the Hopper has six D-Ring tie-down locations and hence it’s easy to secure it.

There are many soft-sided coolers just as efficient as YETI’s Hopper when it comes to ice retention. However, those don’t last as long as the Hopper does- that’s why it is on the best soft sided cooler list! Hopper is durable and affords more protection than other coolers. The fact that the contents of the cooler remain dry even when it is raining, speaks volumes for itself. It’s so rugged that even throwing it or tossing it about doesn’t damage it. Its tapered design makes it easy to haul around.

If you’re looking for a brand, then YETI is your best bet, regardless of whether you buy Yeti Hopper 30, the Yeti Hopper 20 or even the Flip soft sided cooler.


  • Sturdy, sleek and hard wearing
  • Keeps contents cool or hot as the Hopper holds both cold  and hot items 
  • Leak-proof and puncture resistant
  • Comes in various shapes and designs
  • Has a three-year warranty
  • Highly recommended for its durability
  • Most comfortable cooler to carry around
  • When collapsed, it’s easy to store as it takes up little space
  • Available in multiple colors


  • The YETI Hopper Flip series cannot be flipped open easily
  • The zipper requires you to  use both hands
  • A little pricey 

Engel HD30

A large soft cooler that has a 48-can capacity but still very much portable. Like YETI, ENGEL too has been in the cooler business for quite some time and its soft sided coolers are just as good, if not better. Reason enough for it to be on the best soft sided cooler list! Although there is a couple of versions doing the rounds, the ENGEL HD30 appears to have caught everyone’s fancy and is a clear favorite. It competes well with the YETI Hopper in terms of insulation, durability, and usability.

 A vacuum valve on the cooler bag allows you to pump out excess air- this makes the cooler smaller and also helps increase ice life. 

When filled to the brim, coolers can be heavy to lug around- ENGEL counters this adequately there is the padded shoulder strap with enough cushion that leaves your hands and arms free. Side handles on either side of the cooler make lifting easier when you are otherwise loaded while top grab handles that fold over the top can be fastened together making it easy to grab with just one hand. When loaded up with many items, two people can easily carry it between them. The Backpack cooler with its satchel-like design and great straps makes this cooler very versatile.

Welded seams add to the toughness of the cooler and also ensures that no tiny air gaps remain. Waterproof zippers have a lot of bite- both features together ensure superior ice retention and make the cooler waterproof. Strong and puncture resistant denier fibers and a laminated film of Thermal Plastic Urethane at the front and back are added layers of protection.

To top it all, this cooler has a removable bottle opener, and an additional pocket to store your phone, keys and other miscellaneous items. Priced at a $100 less than YETI, its light on your wallet too. No wonder that Engel has managed to sneak to the top of the list of soft-sided coolers.


  • Highly durable and great insulation
  • Comfortable straps and handles make easy portability
  • Vacuum feature enhances ice retention
  • Stylish design


  • Strap adjustment may be a little tedious
  • Exterior zippered pocket not waterproof

Homitt 30

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, compact cooler that keeps things cool and your drinks cold, then you’ve landed in the right place. Homitt 30 can pack 30 cans straight, has some great features and promises great performance. It scores high on insulation and durability and though its shape doesn’t encourage carrying it for long spells, it still is portable.

On insulation it beats even the YETI hands down- closed-cell foams are packed between a Thermoplastic Polyether Urethane (TPU) interior (420 D) and a TPU 840 D exterior. It’s thick foam enhances the insulation of the soft-sided cooler- it locks the cold in and also ensures that no heat enters the cooler. The TPUs are all food grade approved and also BPA free- The non-toxic material doesn’t contaminate your food and the three layers of superior insulation keep food and drink cold for a long period. The antimicrobial liner ensures that mildew or mold don’t get at your food.

Also, the thick layer of cell foam comes with a heavy-duty liner to prevent leaks and sweating. Combine this with the airtight zipper and you have a soft-side cooler that beats its counterparts hands down when it comes to ice-retention. Homitt 30 scores high on durability too with its rugged and sturdy build and stands up pretty well to rough treatment. Though it’s available only in a single color- gray, the cooler can charm anyone with its impressive, clean and straight appearance. Two side pockets are roomy enough to store all that extra, miscellaneous stuff you need while on a short outing. The flip lid allows easy access and the many carry straps make it easy to carry. All these features put this one too on the best soft sided cooler list.


  • Affordable with all the bells and whistles
  • Superior insulation and  ice-retention
  • Stable and durable
  • Water resistant
  • Stylish appearance
  • Flip lid allows for easy access
  • Compact size


  • Zipper slightly hard to use
  • Heavy construction—makes it difficult to lug around
  • When filled to the brim—not much place for ice

Well, you can almost get three Homitt coolers for the price of a YETI- Care to go along?

Coleman 24-Hour 30-Can Cooler

Often, you’re looking for an inexpensive, soft-sided cooler you want to use once in a year. The Coleman will suit you to a T. Yes, it can’t compete with YETI or Engel but in its own way, it’s a great cooler, considering the price. This 30 can cooler comes with a hard plastic liner that helps keep the Coleman upright when you’re packing stuff into it. The antimicrobial lining is resistant to mildew, odor, and mold and makes cleaning easy. A soft liner which comes into contact with food and drink is made of FDA approved material- so you’re safe when it comes to eating and drinking. Seams are welded, and that makes the cooler leak proof. As it zips up at the side, it leaves you room to stuff a couple more bottles at the top.

It has four pockets- a zippered pocket in the front, an inside top mesh pocket and two side pockets for extras. Roomy enough to get in some extra food, snacks, and miscellaneous gear. A padded adjustable shoulder strap and with side handles, the Coleman is easy to carry.

As it’s not very pricey, you don’t mind if it doesn’t last years. A real steal this one. A ‘best soft sided cooler’ tag is befitting this one too!


  • Available in many colors
  • Good performance and insulation for the price-to-value
  • Leak-proof
  • Lots of pockets for extras
  • Reasonably durable


  • Pockets are not very deep
  • Sometimes the shoulder strap snaps under pressure

Polar Bear H2O

Brrr! That sounds arctic, doesn’t it? It is perhaps one of the soft side coolers with real Close Cell Insulation. Things stay cold for a long time and ice-retention is great although the Zipper leaks. The insulation stems from the fact that the cooler has sweat and leak-proof DuraTemp liner, a tarpaulin waterproof outer shell and Close Cell foam. It’s a real quality cooler with some generous insulation. Keeping things cool and fresh is no problem at all. Appearances are deceptive—it appears to be full but while packing it, always seems to be able to take more cans or ice.

Technology and craftsmanship combine to make Polar Bear H20 top notch. “Material blending and reflective space layering” coupled with complete insulation and a rubberized non-skid bottom saddle makes it one of the coolest coolers to own in recent times. It is rugged, durable with 8 metal tie-downs and heavy-duty weatherized rubber coated zipper. It comes out as a poolside cooler and is easy to handle and clean. The colors and patterns, though fun, are perhaps a little too loud. All said and done, this sweat-proof and waterproof soft side cooler is cheap and can give its more expensive counterparts a good fight for the best soft sided cooler tag!


  • An effective soft-side cooler with some great insulation. 
  • Keeps its arctic promises (despite a leaky zipper!)


  • The zipper is not air-tight
  • Loud patterns likely to draw attention

Igloo Soft-Sided Cooler

The Igloo line-up of soft-sided coolers is impressive- they range from one that can hold 36 cans, a snap down cooler that comes with a shoulder strap and even a backpack you can strap onto your back. With various sizes and designs, this should suit the pockets and needs with respect to storage space. They are great at ice-retention because of the MaxCold insulation, which consists of Ultratherm insulation, Cool Riser Technology, and more. While a quality inner liner prevents leaks, the antimicrobial layer keeps microorganisms at bay.

Mesh pockets that are accessible are fitted at the sides while there is a zippered bag in the front. Lots of room to store those hundreds of odds and ends you want to kept separate from the main enclosure. These coolers are easy to transport and they have multiple carrying options such as easy-grip handles, adjustable shoulder straps and more.

Igloo coolers are not very pricey although the MaxCold varieties cost a wee bit more- Despite that, it’s still reasonable and is much more affordable than other coolers. While durability and toughness count and ice-retention are factors, the Igloo series is pretty much all that people need. Gets a loud ‘yes’ to be on the best soft sided cooler list.


  • Good products at reasonable prices
  • Adequate cooling factor
  • Variety of sizes available to suit different needs


  • Zipper problems likely to surface

AO Coolers

These are budget friendly soft sided coolers and when it comes to keeping things cold- they excel. Priced at a little over $50, it’s a great option as a secondary cooler for those that already have the YETI. AO coolers come in different types- canvas, vinyl, Hunter and Carbon- and have a maximum ice life of a day. Though they are made from quality materials, it’s not fair to throw them about too much or expose them to severe weather conditions. The durable exterior lining and the 3/4” insulation makes it a good competitor for the best soft sided cooler label.

These coolers are easy to carry around as there are different carrying options. Since the coolers themselves are lightweight, they’re easy to lug around even when full. With a variety of sizes and colors, you can always find a size that works for you.


  • Affordable
  • Good, thick insulation
  • Sturdy and durable exterior lining


  • Weak zipper
  • Stitching inconsistent

Which soft- sided cooler to buy?

There is a few buying considerations you need to consider when you are looking for the best soft sided cooler.

It’s got to be large and adequate enough for all your needs
Do the math to figure out ice capacity- many coolers come with the math done
 Ensure that they are easy to carry out and fitted with adequate straps
 Side zippers afford a better fit and leave space at the top
 While additional pockets are welcome, check out how well they work with a full cooler
 Decide on what you’re willing to pay for it

So, when you make your final choice make sure you buy a cooler just a little larger than what you need. You can pack in a little more ice and keep things cool inside and outside. Check whether it’s completely waterproof and also opt for a cooler that uses closed-cell foam insulation. A light colored soft-sided cooler reflects off more sunlight than darker colors- that means the outside absorbs less heat and keeps the ice within intact. If you are looking long-term and don’t want to keep changing coolers, then the YETI or Engel are good bets. If you will not use it often and don’t want to pay too much for it, the Coleman should be perfect.

These are only guidelines and each person is entitled to a personal choice. But, before buying, look around, weigh the pros and cons and then make your purchase. So chill out and keep yourself cool within and without. Enjoy your cool drink and enjoy your outing!!

Best Rotomolded Coolers- A Comparative Review

Best Rotomolded Coolers

A Comparative Review

Coolers are an ideal partner on a camping trip, for a family picnic, barbeques, and fishing trips. They come in handy to store food and drinks while also keeping them fresh and chilled. There is no better way to celebrate a big catch while fishing, than taking out a chilled drink from the cooler and sipping it on a hot summer day!
The market is bursting with different varieties of coolers. They are available in all shapes and sizes as well as colors. But it's important to choose the cooler which gives the best ice-retention, is durable and sturdy, and comes at a reasonable price. It's sometimes difficult to get all these qualities together.

Rotomolded Coolers are the best among the many available options. We have studied the best rotomolded coolers in the market and have provided a detailed comparison below for your benefit and use. Select the cooler which suits your need and budget, and go for it!

ORCA Cooler 58 Quart

The ORCA Cooler 58 Quart is manufactured in the USA and is one of the best rotomolded coolers available in the market. It has a capacity of 58 quarts and can hold ice up to 7 days! The cooler also comes with a lifetime warranty which means you are covered for any servicing required on the cooler anytime. Though, it is hardly required considering it’s highly durable. The ORCA Cooler also got the best scores in the FDA recommended temperature threshold check. The cooler maintained a consistent temperature of below 40 degrees (F). The cooler is portable thanks to the flexible nylon handles along the sides and is easy to handle and carry. As with all Rotomolded coolers, the weight is always more compared to the injected coolers. This is not a major disadvantage and the ORCA Cooler can easily be carried in cars, trucks etc.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • 6 days ice-retention
  • Easy to use 
  • Ease of portability
  • Different colors available


  • Expensive
  • Drainage functionality
  • Capacity- only 58 Quart

YETI Tundra Cooler 65 Quart

The YETI Tundra Cooler falls in the premier range of coolers owing to its high price though it is unmatched in terms of quality and performance. The cooler is one of the best in terms of durability and also provides a 5-year limited warranty. The YETI tundra is one heavy-duty cooler with a sturdy body, durable full-length hinge and a rubber gasket to keep everything sealed. The cooler has even been accredited by the Grizzly Bear Agency and thus is completely bear attack resistant. One can easily take it along on camping trips without worrying about breakages.

The YETI Tundra cooler is a bit on the heavier side owing first to rotomolding and secondly due to its heavy duty body. It weighs a mighty 29lbs and is difficult to move by one person even when half filled. This makes it difficult to carry for hiking trips but can easily be transported via vehicle. The plastic on the nylon handles do not feel very sturdy and do not provide any grip. The cooler, though, has some awesome features like the drain plug to drain out the ice water along with a tray for keeping dry items. It also comes with dividers which help in organizing the cooler’s contents. All in all, the YETI Tundra 65 Quart cooler is a great buy if you are looking for a durable and sturdy cooler.


  • Durable
  • Good Insulation
  • Additional features like a drain plug, dry items tray etc.
  • 65 Quart capacity


  • High Price
  • Difficult to move around
  • Nylon handles with flimsy grip
  • A limited 5-year warranty 

Igloo Yukon Cold Locker 70 Quart

The Igloo Yukon Cold Locker comes with a 5-year warranty and weighs 34lbs. This locker provides 6 days of ice retention which is comparable to most of the other coolers in the same range. The cooler body is durable and is resistant to scratches, heavy blows etc. It can be easily carried for picnics, camping etc., in the back of the car or truck without much worry about bending and bowing of the cooler body. The handles on the Igloo Yukon are made out of plastic rather than the normal nylon ropes and thus are stationary. As the handles are not flexible, it’s both good and bad at the same time. It’s good as it makes the handles sturdy and easily movable while owing to their stationary nature, the load of the cooler is not equally distributed as it’s moved around and thus it’s a greater load for the person moving the cooler.

The Igloo Yukon cooler has a great feature not seen in many other coolers, which is reversible feet. One side of the cooler is rubberized at the bottom while the other side is smooth. This helps while dragging the cooler over smooth or rough surfaces and scores high on portability. The cooler also has a metal drain pipe which drains the melted water speedily and does not create as much mess as the other coolers in the same range. Though the Igloo Yukon 70 Quart cooler is a little overpriced for the regular features it offers, the premium is justified seeing its additional features like reversible legs and metal drain pipes.


  • Reversible legs
  • Metal drain pipes
  • Stationary handles making it easy to move around
  • Durable


  • Overpriced for the regular features offered
  • Heavy and bulky
  • The large size of drain pipe might lead to loss of ice cubes

Engel Cooler 65 Quart

Engel has been manufacturing refrigeration products for the last 50 years and believes in quality rather than presentation. Following their motto, they have come up with the Engel 65 Quart Cooler which scores high on durability, insulation and strength though does not offer any fancy look and feel. The Engel cooler promises 8-10 days of ice retention, which is the highest among all the other coolers in this range. It's ideal for long camping trips or travel by road. It’s double latching locks and thick seals ensure the ice stays longer inside the cooler keeping the food and drinks fresh and chilled. The cooler does not come in any fancy design, rather it’s pretty plain looking. But as the old age adage goes- “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

The body of the cooler is made as a single piece without any joints and thus makes the cooler very sturdy. The lid of the cooler has I-beams which reduces the chances of caving in. The cooler is so sturdy that one can even sit on it without affecting its body or cooling functionality. To top it all, the cooler comes with a 10-year warranty and keeps you assured against any possible scratches or issues with cooling. Even though the cooler weighs a good 26lbs when empty, it is compact and can easily fit into a car trunk. It also has plastic handles on nylon ropes which provide easy mobility.

The cooler may be low on additional fancy features but does provide a bottle opener in the form of the hooks of the latches. This is a pretty handy feature to have when you need to open a cold drink bottle and have forgotten the bottle opener at home! The Engel 65 Quart Cooler might not be at the top of the list but provides the basics right without any fancy add-ons. If you are looking for a basic cooler with good insulation, durability, and easy mobility, Engel 65 Quart Cooler is the one for you.


  • Long-lasting durability
  • Sturdy body 
  • Can be used as an additional seat
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • 10- year warranty
  • 8-10 days of ice retention capacity


  • Price is higher for this segment of cooler
  • Plain looking design with no additional features

Grizzly Cooler 75 Quart

The Grizzly 75 Quart Cooler is the cheapest among the premium range Rotomolded Coolers in the market. The low price definitely helps in attracting customers though it's important to check if its value for money in terms of features and performance. The cooler does have a sturdy rotomolded exterior but does not provide the 6-7 days of average ice retention which the other premium coolers in this range offer. The ice retention capacity in the Grizzly cooler is a mere 4-5 days. When it comes to durability, the cooler is neck-to-neck with other rotomolded coolers and also has 3 rubber tension latches to keep the lid sealed.

The Grizzly cooler, as the name suggests, is also bear attack resistant and is certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Community. The company provides a limited lifetime warranty on the cooler which hints at its durability and longevity. The Grizzly Cooler has a plastic drain pipe nozzle which offers two options of draining the water. You can choose to drain the water slowly or in speed and the same can be achieved by just rotating the nozzle. There are issues with water spilling while draining and in reality, very few of the premium coolers are 100% spill proof. A few of the additional features of the Grizzly 75 Quart cooler are the anti-skid feet at the bottom which protect the cooler from skidding away, especially when kept in the car or truck. The lid also comes with a built-in scale. Now you can easily measure the length of your fish when you catch it! 

As with many of the premium coolers, the Grizzly cooler also comes with a tray to keep dry items and dividers to organize the contents. The bottom line is that the Grizzly Cooler is cheaper than its competition but does not do great on insulation. If you are looking for a cheap option and do not care much about longer insulation timeline then the Grizzly cooler is for you. If not, then you should opt for any one of the other premium rotomolded coolers available in the market.

As with many of the premium coolers, the Grizzly cooler also comes with a tray to keep dry items and dividers to organize the contents. The bottom line is that the Grizzly Cooler is cheaper than its competition but does not do great on insulation. If you are looking for a cheap option and do not care much about longer insulation timeline then the Grizzly cooler is for you. If not, then you should opt for any one of the other premium rotomolded coolers available in the market.


  • Cheaper than other coolers in this segment
  • Good durability
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Anti-skid feet
  • The in-built scale on the lid for easy measuring
  • Two-way drain pipe
  • Tray for dry items and dividers for organizing contents


  • Only 4-5 days of ice-retention capacity
  • Price is still high for the features offered

So, that’s our review of the 5 best Rotomolded Coolers in the market. All have their own pros and cons and it depends on the customer as to what features they would like to have in their cooler and what they are ready to ignore. The market also has other cheaper options in rotomolded coolers as well as rotomolded coolers with wheels. A few of the cheaper rotomolded coolers are:

•           Monoprice Pure Outdoor  Emperor Cooler
•           Grizzly 15 Quart Rotomolded  Cooler
•           K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler
•           Mammoth Rotomolded Cooler

These coolers are budget friendly though they do not match the premium coolers in terms of insulation, capacity, durability, and warranty.
Some of the rotomolded coolers are attached to wheels and the top ones available in the market are:

•           Canyon Coolers Mule 30 Adventure Cooler
•           RovR 80 Quart Wheeled Camping Cooler
•           Domestic Avalanche Ultimate Outdoor Cooler
•           K2 Coolers Summit 60 Coolers With Wheels

These wheeled rotomolded coolers are priced higher than the normal premium segment coolers. One should go for them only if they require to move the cooler around a lot like on hiking trips or long holidays. Otherwise, it’s just not value for money and one would rather buy a premium segment cooler for a lesser price and longer warranty.

Different Manufacturing Methods-

The process of manufacturing a cooler may differ from brand to brand. Some coolers are made by using the Rotational Molding method and are called Rotomolded Coolers. While some others are manufactured using the Injecting Molding method. Another method to manufacture the coolers is the Thermoforming method which is not quite popular nowadays.

Rotational Molding Method

In the Rotational Molding Method, hot molten plastic is filled in a mold and is rotated continuously at a defined speed. This helps in even distribution of plastic all throughout and results in building more sturdy ice coolers. The coolers built using this method have a consistent thickness and are not prone to shattering or breaking due to the presence of weak spots in the body of the cooler. All the best available ice coolers in the market are rotomolded.

Injection Molding Method

In the Injection Molding method, as the name suggests, the hot molten plastic is injected in a mold and left aside to cool and set. The major disadvantage of this method is that the corners and joints in the cooler are not as thick as required and are prone to breakage. This was the most popular method of manufacturing ice coolers till Rotomolded method was introduced. This method is quite inexpensive and is used mainly while preparing wheeled ice-coolers

Thermoforming Molding Method

The Thermoforming method of manufacturing ice coolers works in a primitive manner where a sheet of plastic is heated till the point that it becomes flexible and is then molded in the desired shape. This methodology was used earlier but is no longer popular as the ice-coolers manufactured using this method are not long-lasting.