Igloo Sportsman 70

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Igloo Sportsman 70

What’s your first thought when you hear the word Igloo? It reminds you of those blocks of snow that Eskimos convert into a shelter- Well, the Igloo Sportsman 70 is a high-end cooler that (shelters) food and drinks keeping them fresh and cool. Igloo Sportsman comes in 4 models 20, 40, 55 and 70-quart options and the Sportsman 70 is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts- the serious sportsman, hunters, hikers, campers and even tailgaters.

With so many coolers doing the rounds, it’s hard to find one you can really count on. Sportsman 70 appears to be a tough customer and is being bracketed along with the likes of YETI. Surprisingly, on the face of it, the Igloo Sportsman 70 and Yeti coolers appear to be identical- the difference is discernible only if you look closely.

Before looking at the Igloo Sportsman 70, let’s look at what coolers should have.General Features you look for in a cooler durability.

  • Durability-  if you’re going to take your cooler on extended trips, it should be able to weather extreme conditions, make its way through rough terrain, take bumps and falls- so the cooler should have a tough exterior and  be IGBC certified
  • Insulation- A cooler keeps food and drinks cool and fresh- that is why insulation is important. A denser, thicker insulating material (walls and lid) favors good ice-retention
  • Size-Two important factors determine this- the capacity of the cooler and the quantity of food and drinks you want to cool
  • Materials used- Hard-shell coolers use hard and thick materials that help in better insulation
  • Portability- Coolers come with straps, handles, wheels- decide on what works best for you
  • Added features- Locking mechanisms for safety and drain plugs should be simple and effective

How does Sportsman 70 hold up?

Igloo’s Sportsman ice chests are tough and the dimensions of the 70 QT version makes it an easy cooler to carry. An empty cooler weighs just 30 pounds, so any hassles you have will depend on how and to what extent you fill the cooler. A 70-quart cooler is just the right size as it’s easy to lift and move around- it isn’t very big and neither too small. It has a capacity of 66 liters and its dimensions are 33.25″ L x 18″ W x 18.25″ H. However when filled to the brim, it may well weigh a ton.


Igloo never wanted to be left out in the cooler race and upped the ante on its products through its Sportsman cooler series. It used premium quality materials, added more features and went with better construction. Although the prices of these coolers are a little higher than the usual Igloo coolers, the prices remain competitive regarding other coolers.


Igloo’s Sportsman coolers were subjected to an ice test in winter and in summer (when the temp was in the mid 90s F), the results showed that Igloo passed the test honorably. The igloo Sportsman 70 maintains ice for 5 days or more, which is identical to the ice maintenance of the Yeti. Hence, there’s not much to choose between the two on this front. In appearance, both look alike, especially the Sportsman 70 white and Yeti white. Blocks of ice remain intact for many days, but if you open the cooler often, then you may have to replenish the ice cubes to ensure that the food at the top remains fresh and cold. Sportsman 70 users noted that the cooler kept ice for “days on end” and it worked just like a Yeti despite being cheaper. Even after two years of constant use, there appears to be no difference in the performance of the cooler.


The Igloo Sportsman 70 is a big cooler that’s ideal for an outing or while going camping. The heart of this IGBC certified cooler lies in its roto-molded construction- a one-piece design with thick walls. It 1.5 to 2” thick body foam and 2” thick foam in the gasket lid ensures that the ice chest keeps the ice in. The thick roto-molded walls and the strong T-latches keep the cooler tight and secure when it’s shut. Also, the thick rubber used in the latches when stretched to close the cooler, keeps the lid closed tightly. The freezer grade gasket also helps to ensure that the cooler has an airtight fit. A self-stopping integrated lid hinge helps keep the lid open when you are taking out food and drinks from the cooler. Hinge rods and latch pins are made from aluminum, which is rust-resistant. The cover hooks are very secure when they are closed, so you need never worry about things dropping out of the cooler. There is a ruler on the lid of the cooler and a cutting board zone in the interior.

A Rapidflo Drain plug has a gasket that prevents leaks from happening. The huge, stainless steel tethered chain together with the tether screw ensures that the plug can be easily removed and replaced. Sweating is eliminated because of the insulated core. The tether ensures that no ice is unnecessarily lost. The threads ensure that the plug doesn’t come undone when it is in use. This drain plug makes it easy to empty the water. Natural factors like wind or rain don’t have an effect on the roto-molded cooler, which is almost indestructible. UV inhibitors do their job by protecting the exterior from damage because of sunlight. Regardless of whether it is the tan colored sportsman 70 or the white, the insulation is so good that the interior ice it does not affect chest even when the coolers are kept in the sun.

Sturdy model

If you’re tempted to test the actual strength of the cooler, try dropping it and see what happens for yourself. You’ll be surprised to find that the cooler remains unscathed with not even a scratch on it. It’s so strong that you can sit on some models. The Sportsman 70 looks tough and has a high-quality appearance and though it doesn’t have as many additional features as Yeti and Orca do, it holds its own very well amidst the top tier coolers.


Size and weight are factors that will decide how easy or how hard it is to carry the cooler. Another factor that plays a great role while transporting the cooler is the grip you get. Many coolers use rope handles with rubber grips but Sportsman 70 has impressive heavy-duty handles that not only provide a great grip but ensure good stability. The Igloo Sportsman 70 sports robust swing up handles having rubber grips. These handles, which are located at the side of the cooler, fold flat. Using the swing-up handles, a light cooler can be carried by a single person. By ensuring that the side handles stay flat while carrying, the contents of the ice chest remain steady and in position. When the handles fold, they reduce storage space. To look at, the handles don’t appear very strong, if the cooler is fully loaded, but apparently, they are. There have been no issues with them. When the cooler is loaded, it requires two persons to pull the cooler out of the trunk and convey it to where you want. The Sportsman 70 is equipped with non-slip pads at the bottom, but with the cooler being so heavy, there is no chance of it slipping or sliding, when it is full. It is provided with tie-down cords and these do a good job when the cooler is being transported from one place to another.


Molded into the lid is a fish-measuring rule. In addition, the cooler comes with anti-skid feet, which helps keep the cooler in an upright position. Although there are no bottle-openers or internal dividers that some coolers have, you can buy seat cushions and wire-baskets. The baskets are coated with steel to prevent corrosion- thus the water, liquids, and ice in the chest do not corrode the wire baskets. The steel, corrosion resistant coating helps to ensure that the ice, water, and other liquids in cold lockers don’t affect your drinks and food. Its grid pattern has a dual benefit- none of the small items are at risk of falling through the gaps in the basket and its contents remain cool because of the air that’s circulated through the rack.

Igloo has many color options for its coolers but the Sportsman 70 comes in White and Tan while the 20 quart comes in pink and purple granite and 55 quart is available in Realtree Xtra.Warranty

The Sportsman 70 is very sporting- it gives users a five-year warranty from the date of purchase and promises to attend to manufacturing or material defects. Many of the high-end coolers like Yeti and Pelican make the same promise.RTIC and K2 Summit coolers are keeping Igloo’s Sportsman on its toes with their ability to equal it in terms of roto-molded construction, ice-retention, toughness, and indestructibility.Location

Igloo coolers made by Igloo Products Corp, which is in the USA. The American manufacturer not only produces ice chests but also supporting accessories. The company is headquartered in Katy Waller County, Texas, United States.

Final Analysis

The Igloo Sportsman and other coolers were assessed for price, capacity, and ice retention ability, durability, draining rate, warranty and place of manufacture. It was found that it came with an unbeatable price, did an excellent job at keeping things cold and drained water fast. Unlike other top coolers, it didn’t use a single-pin-design but used a two-pin design. Whether you’re taking a day-trip to the beach, having a weekend adventure camping, or an afternoon out, you can count on Igloo to have a cooler or ice chest to fit your every need. They are bound to keep the cold in and keep you cool too!!

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