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Ice Coolers are an integral part of any camping trip or fishing expedition. They are life saviors which keep the drinks and food cool on a hot summer day while on a long road trip! They are the perfect travel partners for the adventurous at heart.

The market offers different varieties of coolers and it's sometimes difficult to choose the best one to buy. The coolers come in different colors and shapes, there are different capacities or quarts to choose from and variation in insulation capability and durability. Its best cooler should have the longest ice retention capacity, should be durable and priced right.

Market Leaders in Ice-Coolers

The main market leaders in ice coolers are Yeti, ORCA, K2, Grizzly, and Mammoth. But it was Yeti’s high performing and ultra durable coolers which started the revolution in ice-coolers. Yeti, like other premium ice-coolers, uses the rotomolding technology to manufacture their coolers. This ensures that the insulation in the cooler is uniform and leads to better ice-retention capacity.

The rotomolding technology, as the name suggests, pours the insulating liquid in the mold of the ice cooler while rotating it continuously at a specific speed. With this method, the insulation is uniform throughout the cooler, even in the corners and joints. This is the technology which is most popular for manufacturing ice coolers now and all premium coolers are rotomolded. The rotomolded coolers are heavy as compared to other ice coolers but are most durable and come with a lifetime warranty.

Mammoth vs Yeti Coolers

Both Mammoth and Yeti produce rotomolded ice coolers and are based in the USA. Although Yeti was the pioneer in premium ice coolers, many brands have come up with similar products giving stiff competition to Yeti. Mammoth coolers are one of the biggest competitors for Yeti., Yeti has even filed a lawsuit against Mammoth coolers alleging that their products are uncannily similar to Yeti and they are infringing on patented technology. The lawsuit’s verdict was kept very hushed but Mammoth’s declining market presence is an indicator of what the verdict would have been.

Even though Yeti and Mammoth are similar in many aspects, there are a few areas where one outshines the other.
Our review today will try to highlight the features of both Yeti and Mammoth ice-coolers and help you choose the best cooler for your requirements and budget.


Yeti’s products are highly priced compared to any other premium segment coolers. The price is high owing to Yeti’s brand name and amazing manufacturing quality. Owning a Yeti Cooler is more of a status symbol nowadays and thus the high price. Something like owning an apple phone! Mammoth Coolers are priced in the medium range and offer almost similar features like Yeti. The question which needs to be answered now is do you want to shell out a lot more dollars for a brand that is widely recognized and is more of a status symbol or would you rather buy a reasonably affordable cooler which serves your requirements equally well? If your answer is yes to the first question, then Yeti is the right choice for you, else Mammoth would be a better buy.

Insulation Capacity

Mammoth and Yeti coolers are neck-to-neck in terms of insulation and ice retention capacity. The Mammoth coolers have double-sided rotomolded walls along with thick rubber gasket and T-latch which keep the cold air inside and give 5 to 6 days of ice retention. The Yeti coolers are also manufactured with the “Fatwall” design and have walls with 2” thickness filled with Permafrost insulation. This ensures good insulation along with keeping the weight of the cooler in check. Both the coolers need to be prepped before use and this is true for any rotomolded cooler. They need to be cooled by first keeping an ice bag in the cooler before filling it up with drinks and food and taking it away on a trip. In terms of insulation, it is difficult to choose between Yeti and Mammoth and it all comes down to which cooler appeals more to you.


Mammoth coolers take pride in their double-sided walls and high-quality stainless steel hardware which produces durable coolers. The Mammoth coolers provide a lifetime warranty on their products but it’s hardly ever required! Yeti coolers also come with rotomolded technology and boast of the Yeti NEVERFAIL Hinge System which makes the coolers durable. The Yeti coolers come with a 5-year limited warranty. Some earlier versions of Yeti coolers had bent due to use and if someone sat on them, but the latest Yeti coolers are sturdy enough and can take the weight of people sitting on them. In fact, both the Yeti and Mammoth coolers can be used as an extra seat or table while out on a camping trip.

The International Grizzly Bear Committee has certified both Yeti and Mammoth coolers as bear attack resistant and thus both can be taken on a camping trip. In terms of durability, it's difficult to make a choice between Yeti and Mammoth coolers. They both have their own strengths in their technology and manufacturing.

Ease of Mobility and Accessories

The Mammoth cooler comes in the small and big variants and both are easy to move around despite their heavy duty build. The smaller Mammoth coolers come with an overhead handle while the bigger versions come with nylon rope handles on the side. Both the overhead handle and the nylon rope handles provide super grip and easy mobility. They can be packed in the back of a car trunk or a pick-up truck., Yeti also provides overhead handles for its smaller coolers and nylon ropes on the sides for the bigger coolers. Both the overhead handle and nylon ropes have a rubber grip which is easy to use.

Due to its rotomolded built, the Yeti coolers are heavy to be moved around especially by a single person. They are great to be carried around in a vehicle but are difficult to be included on a hiking trip, etc. Both the Yeti and Mammoth coolers have rubber grips at the bottom which act as supports and avoid slippage. The coolers do not move around much in the vehicle thanks to the rubber grip and thus there are lesser chances of the cooler bouncing in the car trunk.

The Mammoth coolers come with a high-flow drain port for draining out excess ice-water but the drain cap is not attached to the cooler body and thus there are high chances that the cap gets lost while in the process of draining the water. Also, the cooler would be required to be tilted or moved around for all the water to drain. The Yeti cooler also claims to have a high-flow drain pipe for easy release of the melted ice-water, though in reality, the drainage system leaves a lot of mess on the floor because of water spillage while draining. Thus, both Yeti and Mammoth coolers provide ease of mobility and use.

Other Features

The place where Mammoth coolers fall short as compared to the Yeti coolers is in the variety and options available. While the Yeti Coolers come in various sizes and colors, the Mammoth coolers have only 2-3 varieties with limited color options. The Yeti Coolers are used worldwide and enjoy global success. The Yeti coolers come in various sizes, to suit everyone’s requirement and also have a wide range of colors to choose from. There is no match for Yeti’s product offerings.

Apart from selling world-class coolers, Yeti also manufactures other accessories like drinking cups, soft-molded coolers etc. Mammoth doesn’t have a wide range of products and offers only a limited number of coolers with more-or-less standard features. Mammoth believes in providing quality products while Yeti propagates the principle of variety in life. Yeti gives its customers a wider array of products to suit every budget and requirement. Thus, Yeti is the clear winner among the two when it comes to product variety and features.

Above, we have reviewed both Yeti and Mammoth ice coolers and the decision to choose one over the other is difficult. Both the coolers boast of amazing performance and durability along with ease of use and mobility. The only area where the two have a marked difference is in their price and additional features.

If you are looking for a cooler which comes in various sizes and colors and are not shy of shelling out a lot more money, then Yeti coolers are perfect for you. But if you are looking for quality and durability at an affordable price, then Mammoth coolers are a perfect choice. It all boils down to price and features!

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