Orca 20 Qt cooler Review

It is summer again and time to indulge that outdoorsy side of you. Whether you are the type that prefers laid back picnics out in the countryside or grueling hikes up rocky mountainsides, refreshing drinks are a priority. What better way to carry your drinks than in a cooler that's packed with ice and ready to carry around?

The best way to keep your drinks cool and your food chilled to last longer, coolers are essential for your adventures outdoors. The question now is which cooler to choose out of the many that are available in the market.

Quality Coolers

The mark of a quality cooler is how long ice lasts in it and the durability of the box itself. Taking these factors into account, the Orca brand of coolers looks to be the best choice to buy. Owner Cliff Walker says Orca coolers are cost-effective, unbreakable and hold ice longer than competitor brands.

If you are looking for a cooler handy to carry around yet does not compromise on how long it preserves ice, the Orca 20 qt cooler is your best bet. Able to carry 20 quarts or 4.16 gallons, the Orca 20 qt cooler can store up to 18 cans or 15 bottles packed in ice, which would be perfect for a small group of people going hunting or a one-day picnic.

The Orca 20 qt cooler is also customizable, which makes it stand out from the competition. Knowing his clients would be outdoor enthusiasts and sports lovers, owner Cliff Walker went a step further and purchased American collegiate licenses so his coolers could come branded with the logo of whichever team the client supports, be it from the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, or the National Football League.

Inside the Orca 20 qt cooler

Orcas  20 qt cooler is a roto-molded cooler with thick walls and a heavy duty gasket between the lid and the basket that creates a pressure seal strong enough to keep cool air in. The cooler comes affixed with a single flexible-grip handle that makes it easy for the person holding it to carry around.

The cooler comes with a cargo mesh net attached behind that can carry additional equipment. You can also purchase an additional, larger mesh net attachment that allows you to carry more equipment such as bottle openers, phones, flashlights. The Orca 20 qt cooler will ensure we meet all your needs with just one cooler, making it handy and efficient to have around during an outdoor trip.

But what stands out about the Orca 20 qt cooler is the myriad colors and styles I can deck it out in. Whether you want a solid color, the logo of your favorite team on the cooler, or perhaps a camouflage pattern, this cooler has you covered.
Here are the features of the Orca 20 qt cooler

Useful capacity

The Orca 20 qt cooler can hold 20 quarts or 4.16 gallons. That equates to 18 cans or 15 bottles, according to the company, which is perfect for people going on short trips or a small group of people going on an adventure. With its compact size, the Orca 20 qt cooler will leave you plenty of room to carry other equipment.

Strong build

With its roto-molded exterior, the Orca 20 qt cooler looks like nothing could put a dent in it. That’s also clear in one of the company’s taglines “Wherever you take it, it can take it”. It does not matter if you're going on a simple picnic to your local park or a hunting trip in the jungle, the Orca 20 qt cooler has you covered on chilled beverages and food.

Roto-molded means we have constructed the cooler using a mold. The factory pours plastic powder or resin into a hollow mold and this mold is then rotated in an oven until the powder or resin melts and coats the inside the mold while forming a cooler that is just one piece.

It looks like a durable cooler that can take anything you throw at it. In fact, owner Cliff Walker is so confident about the cooler’s strength he offers a lifetime guarantee with each one.

Since the Orca 20 qt cooler is one piece, it thus has fewer vents through which hot air could enter the ice box. So your beverages and food can stay chilled and fresh for longer than in other coolers.

Uniform walls

The Orca 20 qt cooler has thick 2-3 inch walls that are almost uniform throughout. This is essential because if you have 3-inch walls throughout but only have a 1-inch lid, it reduces the effectiveness of the thicker walls. Heat will take the path of least resistance so it helps that the Orca cooler has uniform walls, thus better insulating the cool air within.

Thick gasket

Between the lid and the rest of the cooler lies, a thick rubber gasket that provides end-to-end insulation and is one of the key reasons the Orca 20 qt cooler can preserve ice for as long as it can. The gasket helps form a pressure seal once the lid is closed thus ensuring cold air stays within the cooler. A thinner gasket would be more conducive to hot air infiltrating the cooler.

Quality fittings

If the Orca 20 qt cooler had it all – thick walls, roto-molded exterior, thick gasket–but low-quality latches and hinges, it would not be a very good cooler. But the Orca cooler has stainless steel hinges that will prevent rust, and latches made of thick rubber, which are long-lasting and are incidentally shaped like whale tails, which adds a quirky note of uniqueness to the cooler.

When you close the latches of the Orca 20 qt cooler, they snap shut tight, ensuring the pressure seal created by the thick rubber gasket stays in place.

Easy handle Orca 20 qt cooler sports a single, stainless steel handle with a flexible grip perfect for one person to hold and makes for easy portability.

Water drainage

The Orca 20 qt cooler features a drainage spout on the side that allows water collected inside the cooler to be remove easily. This eliminates the need to open the cooler to empty it while letting warm air in and allowing the cold air inside the cooler to escape.

Rubber feet

The Orca 20 qt cooler comes with anti-slip rubber feet below that ensure it stays where it is kept.

Customizable styles

Orca coolers seem to be the only coolers on the market that come in a range of colors and styles. In fact, there are seven categories of design you can choose for your Orca 20 qt cooler:

1.         Classic – Here you can choose between a variety of solid colors for your cooler, for example: blue, green, etc.

2.         Camouflage – Adorn your Orca 20 qt cooler in a camouflage pattern of your choice

3.         Collegiate – If you support a sports team that Orca has a license for, you are in for a treat! You can get your team’s logo superimposed on your cooler so you can represent wherever you are.

4.         Hero – This design is in honor of the emergency medical services and first responders of the country

5.         Licensed – This cooler is perfect for hunters and includes the National Rifle Association’s logo, along with that of the National Wild Turkey Federation

6.         Lifestyle – Here, you can get your cooler with the American flag printed on the lid

7.         Team – You can wrap the cooler in the colors of your favorite team if you do not want to place their logo on it

Extra features

The Orca 20 qt cooler comes with a mesh pocket affixed behind, which can be used to store magazines, bottle openers and other gadgets you could not do without on those camping trips. 

For an added cost, you can fix what is called a ‘molle’ wrap to your cooler, which is a multi-purpose carryall that fits around the body of your cooler. The molle wrap will allow you to carry such things as water bottles, flashlights, and phones, thus adding to the usefulness of this cooler.

Whopping guarantee

Orca offers a lifetime guarantee with their coolers, which is more than what other cooler brands offer. This shows the company is confident in the durability of their products and the length of time they can do what they are meant to do: keep things chilled!

To sum things up, the Orca 20 qt cooler looks like a must buy for people going on trips outdoors, especially those who want to add a bit of color to their lives. With a seamless design, a thick rubber gasket and uniform insulation walls guaranteeing long ice life, the Orca 20 qt cooler looks like it is worth the money.

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