ORCA 40 Quart Cooler Review

Ice chests or coolers are an essential part of a picnic, road trip or camping vacation. Their job is to keep our drinks and food cold as well as fresh. There is no better feeling than sipping a cold drink on a hot summer day and an Ice cooler helps you do exactly that. No matter how hot it is, your little heaven of ice is always available to provide you with ice cold water, drinks and fresh food.

Ice coolers come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They vary in terms of features, brands, warranty etc., and it sometimes gets difficult to choose the right one. Although the market is brimming with ice-coolers leaving you spoilt for choice, there is always an ice-cooler available which meets your requirements and budget.

The brand ORCA has launched various ice-coolers of different sizes and is emerging as the market leader in Ice-coolers leaving behind the veteran YETI. ORCA coolers have great features bundled with high performance and a reasonable market price. We took a closer look at this ORCA 40 Quart Cooler and provide below a comprehensive analysis to help you make an informed decision.

About the brand

ORCA stands for Outdoor Recreation Company of America and was established in 2012 by a team of outdoor enthusiasts. The company produces high-quality rotomolded coolers of different sizes and functionality which promise high performance for the ORCA 40 of the product.
ORCA coolers are emerging as the most recommended and bought cooler in the market. In fact, as per a few studies, the ORCA coolers feature in the Top-5 rotomolded cooler category.
The company also dabbles in drinkware, and apparel along with manufacturing the world’s best coolers.

About the Product - ORCA 40 Quart Cooler

The ORCA 40 Quart Cooler is one of the top rotomolded coolers in the premium segment currently. ORCA coolers offer up to 10 days of ice retention capacity with their high-quality insulation and are extremely durable. The coolers come with a limited ORCA 40 warranty and it’s almost never used owing to the coolers brilliant performance. When going to buy a cooler, we look at its insulation capacity, durability, features and price. The ORCA 40 Quart cooler ticks all the boxes and emerges as the clear winner taking the crown away from the legendary YETI coolers.

ORCA 40 Quart Cooler Review and Features


The ORCA 40 cooler is constructed using Polyethylene which makes it durable combined with the rotomolding technology used to make the best ice-coolers in the market. The rotomolding technology pours insulation liquid between the walls of the plastic cooler while rotating it at a particular speed. This ensures that the insulation gets evenly distributed throughout the cooler including the corners and joints.

The ORCA 40 cooler also has an in-built riveted pin system which ensures the hinges are stable and do not break or crack under pressure. The ORCA cooler can be safely transported in trucks, car trunks etc. and do not bend because of constant bouncing. The coolers have also been certified by the International Grizzly Bear Committee which states that the ORCA coolers are Grizzly Bear Attack proof. Now the ORCA 40 Quart cooler can safely accompany you on a camping or fishing trip without worrying about breakages or bear attacks.

Ice Retention Capacity

The ORCA 40 Quart cooler promises 7-10 days of ice-retention capacity and has been tested for the same as well with flying results. ORCA coolers match any premium segment cooler in terms of its insulation. Its rotomolded insulation coupled with thick rubber gasket and wish tail latches ensure that the cold air remains inside the cooler, thus increasing its ice-retention capacity. The cooler can easily last on a week-long trip with no ice-refill.

The ORCA cooler boasts of a thick insulation wall as compared to other coolers in the same segment and thus wins the ice retention challenge hands down. The coolers are also compatible with dry ice which is great for carrying on fishing expeditions and help keep the catch fresh! The Ice retention capacity of the cooler is slightly affected by the weather and in peak summers, the ice might get kept for only 6-7 days instead of 10 days. The cooler also needs to be prepped before taking on a trip to ensure longer ice retention.

Weight and Accessibility

The ORCA 40 Quart cooler weighs around 24lbs when empty and has a storage capacity of 40 Quarts. The ORCA cooler can store 20-24 cans which is good for a 2-3 day trip. The cooler is easy to move around with the help of its sturdy nylon rope handles which come with rubber grips. The cooler also has a mesh bag attached at the back to hold dry items along with dividers/trays which help organize the items in the cooler.

The whale tail latches on the cooler ensure the lid remains sealed keeping all the cold inside. Although the latches are secure, they are easy to operate. As per few customer reviews, it has been noted that the lid of the cooler, when kept opened and without any support, tends to snap shut. This can be irritating when you are taking out several items from the cooler. Barring this, the ORCA 40 Quart cooler delivers on all its performance goals.

Useful Accessories and Features 

The ORCA 40 Quart cooler does not have many out-of-the-world features but promises comfort and usability. It provides the “Orca Gear Molle System” which is a camouflage wrap around the ice-cooler but has the space to store a cell phone, a first aid kit, a flashlight, a pistol holder, Quad mug holder, etc. This comes in very handy while on a trip, camping or fishing. No other cooler in the premium segment offers this kind of feature and ORCA again hits a high as compared to its competitors.

In terms of anti-skid feet, ORCA has rubber feet at the bottom but still slips on wet surfaces. To avoid this slippage, it is advised to use an anti-skid sheet with the ORCA Cooler but this is something the ORCA brand can look into revising. The drain nozzle on the ORCA cooler is big enough for faster ice water drainage but leads to leaking and mess while draining. A few of the newer ice coolers are now available with garden hoses which make water drainage into a gardening experience!

The cooler doesn’t have the usual bottle openers or drinking cups as part of its features. Although the ORCA cooler is not high on features, it does its job well and has other unique features which make it stand out against its competition.

Warranty & Price

The ORCA 40 Quart cooler comes with a lifetime limited warranty and shows the company’s commitment towards its product. ORCA coolers rarely get damaged but are still provided with lifetime servicing promise in terms of the warranty. The price of an ORCA cooler is higher than the average rotomolded coolers but is still less than premium coolers like Yeti even though there is not much difference in terms of performance and quality. This makes ORCA an easy choice when it comes to selecting a mid-size cooler with top-notch features but a reasonable price.

Product Variety 

The ORCA 40 Quart cooler might not offer much in terms of fancy features but it offers the choice of color. The cooler comes in close to 8 colors and looks fancy. The ORCA brand has tied up with colleges and varsities to print their logo on the ice-coolers for personalization. As of now, ORCA has 17 collegiate coolers and it’s a big hit with the students. ORCA 40 Cooler is just one of the many varieties of cooler that ORCA has to offer. ORCA also produces varying designs based on size and requirements and has one of the widest range of products on offer.

The ORCA 40 cooler is the best “Ice-Cooler” buy in terms of durability, insulation, features, and warranty. It holds true on all its promises and provides an uninterrupted cold storage facility for its users while on road trips, picnics, camping, etc.

The cooler is priced moderately and even though the price is slightly higher than the other premium brands of coolers, ORCA does justify the high price by providing high performing insulation and durability. The ORCA coolers are not only useful while holidaying, but they are also an important part of lives for people who need to carry cold drinks and fresh fruits as part of their daily jobs like soda salesmen, etc.

The ORCA cooler with its high performance and durability becomes a part of your memories while accompanying you on holidays, camping trips, fishing expeditions, weekend picnics, and family barbeques. If you are looking for a sturdy high-performing mid-size cooler with good features and affordable price then this ORCA 40 Quart Cooler Review answers all your questions!

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