Sub V Cooler Review

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Sub V Cooler Review

If you are fancying a picnic outdoors, or the time seems right to start on that much-planned hike up your favorite mountain range, you would have to think about the right gear to take with you.

One of the most important things to do on a trip outdoors is to stay hydrated. Camping under the hot sun in the desert or hiking across mountainous terrain will drain you of fluids. What better way to replenish your fluids than with a cooler. If you take a cooler along with you, you can enjoy chilled beverages on the go. You can even take along food without worrying about it going bad as it will stay fresh as long as you keep it in the cooler. Fancy some hot dogs, burgers or ready-to-go meals while on your trip? A cooler will help you fulfill those desires.

With that in mind, the next question is which cooler to choose. There are many coolers available on the market. Many people opt for a soft cooler that comes placed inside a carryall if you do not want to lug a hard cooler around. You can go for cheaply constructed coolers with thinner walls if you do not want to shell out for a superior cooler. You can even buy a cooler that comes in a backpack and which you can carry around on as you travel.

But if you are looking for a superior cooler that is cheaper than most other coolers of its standard, and one worth its price, look no further than the Sub Z cooler. Built by the Nash brand, the Sub Z cooler comes in two sizes – 23 and 48 quarts – and incorporates an array of features and accessories.

Convenient sizes

At 23 quarts, the smallest Sub Z cooler packs a punch. It can hold 24 12-ounce cans along with eight pounds of ice to chill them in. The outside of the cooler is 18.5 inches wide, 15.5 inches tall and 12.75 inches deep. The inside of the cooler is 13.75 inches wide, 11.25 inches tall and 8.9 inches deep. When empty, the 23-quart cooler is 15.5 pounds heavy, while the handle is 20 inches wide.

The larger 48-quart Sub Z cooler is 21 inches wide, 12.5 inches tall and 11.25 inches deep inside. The outside of the cooler is 28 inches wide, 16 inches tall and 16 inches deep. When empty, the 48-quart cooler is 24.5 pounds heavy and it can accommodate up to 48 cans with as much ice packed around them as needed.

Both cooler sizes can carry an economical number of cans when compared with their sizes and the competition.

Ice Retention

The Sub Z coolers can store ice for a good amount of time when compared with the competition. The 23-quart cooler has been recorded to keep ice for 3-4 days, which means the 48-quart cooler will keep going for several more days.

Rotationally molded

In order to build a strong cooler, Nash used rotational molding to construct the Sub Z cooler. In this technique, polyethylene is poured into a hollow mold, which is then slowly rotated in an oven to make the polyethylene melt and coat the inside the mold. Through this, Nash created a cooler that is just one piece.

The advantage of having a one-piece, a seamless cooler is that it is very hard and able to stand up to rough handling. This means that no matter what kind of trip you are going on, you need not worry about your Sub Z cooler being able to withstand the climate conditions. Going on a deep sea fishing trip? The Sub Z can take the waves of salt water. Camping in the woods? The Sub Z can take any rain it gets.

Another benefit of having a cooler that is made of one piece is that air has fewer vents through which to escape. Thus cool air will stay within the cooler while warm air from outside will have fewer vents to seep into the cooler. The result is ice that lasts longer!

Made of polyethylene

The Sub Z coolers are made of polyethylene, a thermoplastic polymer that can be molded into high-strength materials. This adds to the durability of the Sub Z cooler. Polyethylene is also resistant to chemicals, which means you can use it transport food items with no worries.

Easy portability

You can opt for your Sub Z cooler to come with wheels so you can transport it across level surfaces. If you are bogged down with a lot of items that you need to carry on your outdoor trip, the fact that you can wheel your cooler behind you and not have to lug it also around is a major plus point. This lifts the Sub Z cooler above most of its competition.

Dry exterior

The Sub Z cooler is built in such a way that the exterior of the cooler is always free of moisture. This ensures the cooler will not slip out of a person’s grasp due to it being wet. It will also not slide away when placed on any surface. This increases its safety value. You can place it on a boat that is rocking around in the sea or in a truck bouncing across the road with no qualms.

Double locking lid

The Sub Z cooler has a double locking lid that ensures the cooler will not open and spill its contents. A double locking lid also ensures wild animals cannot get to the contents of the cooler. In addition, the double locking lid could keep your buddies out of your cooler so you can enjoy those sodas on your own.

Double walls

Nash has designed the Sub Z cooler to have a double-walled interior, with insulation foam packed within these walls. This ensures the outside temperature, which could reach high levels, depending on which part of the country you are adventuring in, does not affect the chilled interior of the cooler. So you could be camping in the desert with your Sub Z cooler under the blazing sun and the ice would not melt within the cooler due to the double-walled exterior.

The Sub Z cooler features up to 2.5 inches of R-Value insulation foam within its walls. This ensures that the chilled air within the cooler remains inside. R-Value is a measure of the resistance to heat flow through a material. The higher the R-Value, the greater the resistance. Therefore the insulation foam used within the walls of the Sub Z cooler has a high thermal performance. Therefore the cooler can keep ice for several days.

Pressure seal

The Sub Z cooler features a glacier rubber gasket between the lid and the rest of the cooler, which creates a strong pressure seal. This ensures that chilled air remains within the cooler. Without this gasket, warm air could seep into the cooler thus compromising the life of the ice within.

Flexible hinge

The Sub Z cooler has a double rear hinge, which is fully enclosed and interlocking. The hinge is integrated into the cooler’s body and features stainless steel pins, which will hold up in the most trying to weather conditions. Also, the hinge ensures the cooler lid tightly locks in when closed.

Rubber latches

The Sub Z cooler has rubber latches used to seal the lid shut once it is closed. The rubber latches ensure the integrity of the pressure seal created by the rubber gasket, thus ensuring the chilled air within the cooler stays inside.

Easy handle

The 23-quart Sub Z cooler features a single stainless steel handle that can lock in place on top or stay folded for better portability. This makes it easier and safer for the person carrying it around. The handle also has rubber in the middle to make the cooler more comfortable to carry around.

The 48-quart Sub Z cooler has rope handles that have been engineered for easier portability and are extremely durable. They also allow for two people to share the load of carrying the cooler.

Drainage plug

The 1-inch drainage plug on the Sub Z cooler allows water from melted ice to drain out even if you twist it open a little bit. This helps ensure ice and other materials do not drain out of the cooler when the plug is opened, which is a useful feature for a cooler to have.

Efficient Drainage

Nash has designed the Sub Z cooler with a V-shaped drainage channel, which helps to ensure water from melted ice is directed away from drinks and food within the cooler. So you do not have to worry about your food and beverages soaking in inches of water while you are busy on your trip.

Light-Weight Design

For all its features, the Sub Z cooler is reputed to be lighter than most other coolers in its class, which makes it handy for outdoor trips. Who would not opt for a cooler that has so many features and is light to boot?

Color Pattern

The Sub Z cooler caters to many people, whether you are of a more serious mindset and prefer regular, ordinary colors such as white and beige, or whether you are of a more playful type and prefer bright colors such as green and orange. However, the cooler sizes differ between colors they are offered in.

Inbuilt Seat

The most striking feature of the Sub Z cooler is the cushioned lid that can double as a seat for you while you are outdoors. This feature is optional, but it can come in handy as it eliminates the need for you to carry an extra chair along on your trip. The seat even comes with a backrest thus making you more comfortable.

Anti-skid design

The Sub Z coolers come with four integrated, rubberized feet on the bottom that are anti-skid. They ensure the cooler stays where it is placed, so even if you are on a fishing trip and you place the cooler down, it will stay in place although the seas may be rough. You could even use the cooler as a platform from which to cast your fishing line because you can trust the anti-skid feet.

Added features

The 48-quart Sub Z cooler offers more features such as wheels, baskets, cutting boards, etc. This adds to the cooler’s appeal and lifts it above its competition. Nash’s Sub Z cooler is attractive enough with its great ice retention capability, its cheap price, its hardy build and its light-weight nature when compared with its competition. But when you consider its other features, such as its inbuilt seat and wheels for portability, these make the Sub Z cooler a must-buy for people who love the outdoors. So if you are planning a trip any time soon and you need a cooler to take along, give the Sub Z cooler a try.

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